Heartbreak Girl ♥

Shae Robinson has it all. A pretty face, 4 amazing best friends. a famous uncle, money but what she doesn't have is Luke. She loves Luke & he loves her but they just don't know it yet. What happens when they do date? will it end with happiness or tears? So many questions. Read to find out more ♥


2. Getting dressed ♥

-Shae’s POV-

I started to walk out the front gates of the school at around 2, the time school finishes basically. Well on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we finish at this time. I’m excited to meet Ashton. I need to figure out what to wear. Luke had to go someplace else so I’m stuck walking home by myself. I stuck my earphones in and turned on One Direction. They are so astonishing! My favourite is Harry. ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ came on first so I just locked my phone. I feel like they are singing this song to me, I love it. I saw my phone’s screen light up.


To: Shae ♥

From: Lukey ♥

Hey gorgeous. Bring your shit over and get dressed here. Cal, Mike & Ash are coming at around 6:45 then we’re going to Sizzler. Sorry I couldn’t walk home with you, I know you hate being alone. But yeah, come over here and get ready. Mum’s away for work for a month. Stay at mine for the week? We can make some food which I know you love fatty ♥ xx

Well, I guess I could go over to his and get ready.

To: Lukey ♥

From: Shae ♥

Yeah, I’ll come over straight away. Am I still staying the night? I need to know if I bring stuff for that ♥ I do like food, more then you right at this very moment -.- jks. I love you too fgt ♥ xo

I locked my phone and continued to walk home. It takes about 15 minutes to walk home so I should be there soon. After a few more minutes I was walking through the doors of my house. “Mum?” I shouted out. “Yea?” She replied, good she’s home, I need to ask her about tonight. I walked into the kitchen to find mum eating fruit salad. “Luke invited me to go out with him, Cal, Mikey and their friend Ash tonight. After that I’m staying the night at his, everyone is. Can I go?” I asked smiling. “Sure” Mum replied laughing. “Yay! Thank you mummy!” I said hugging her. I ran to the fridge and grabbed some fruit salad for myself. After I got it, I ran upstairs and went into my room. I grabbed my outfit for tonight, my pjs and my makeup and other shit. It took me about 10 minutes to get everything together. I got downstairs and saw mum waiting for me. “Here” she said handing me $100.  “What’s this for?” I asked. “Prostitute money. What do you think it’s for?” Mum said laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh along with her. I put it in my purse with my $500 (from work) and my 2 credit cards. One which has about $180,000 dollars on it and another with about $3000. I saved all of this from birthdays and Christmas, oh and my uncle is super rich and sends me cheques for about $6000 every school term even if I get bad grades, so I should be getting another one soon. I don’t know who he is but all I know is that he’s famous. Tonight will be fun. “Well I better get going mummy. I love you. I’ll text you later before I go to bed. Bye” I said hugging my mum and kissing her on the cheek. She hugged me back, “I love you too, bye” She replied.

I walked over to Luke’s and knocked on his door. Luke answered it. “Hey Shae” Luke said inviting my inside. “Hey Lukey” I said hugging him after I put my stuff down. Luke went back into the kitchen and I followed him. He was making a sandwich. “Should we start getting ready for tonight?” I asked. “Sure” Luke said. “Well let’s go then” I said. “Ok” Luke said. I grabbed my bags. “Let me carry them Shaebae” Luke said. He grabbed the bags off of me and we walked up the stairs and went into his room. “Luke, turn around while I get dressed” I said once we were up in his room. “I do have a bathroom you know” He said laughing. “I’m not bothered to walk down the hall” I said frowning. “Fatty” He said while turning around. I took off my uniform and put on my jeans. Luke’s seen me in my bra before. “You can turn around but I’m warning you. I don’t have a shirt on” I said smirking. He turned around. “You are so ho- I mean weird” he said biting his lip. “Perv” I said loud enough for him to hear, but secretly I loved it. “Oh, you love me” He said turning around and stepping out of his school clothes and putting on his black skinny jeans on. He was wearing his favourite Batman boxers.

I looked through my bag to find my shirt. It wasn’t in here. Fuck. “Lukey, could I borrow a shirt yours? I forgot mine” I said face palming myself. “Sure, or you know, you could just go like that. The boys and I wouldn’t mind” he said winking.  “I don’t want you guys staring at my boobs. Not that I have any but yeah!” I said. “Here” He said handing me a Black Santa Cruz singlet. (OUTFIT - http://www.polyvore.com/meeting_ashton/set?id=104141115 ) I pulled that over my head. “I’m going to go do my hair and makeup. After that can we make some food? ” I asked. “Sure babe” Luke said following me into the bathroom.

I pulled out my Foundation, blush, eyebrow pencil, Eyeliner, eye-shadow, mascara, lip liner and my red lipstick. “Why do you wear all this dumb shit?” Luke asked looking at my makeup. “Because I’m ugly and if I don’t, I’ll look like Shrek!” I said putting on my foundation. “Shae put the stuff down for a second” Luke said. I put my makeup down after I rubbed it all in. I turned to Luke. “What?” I asked nicely. “You are beautiful and you don’t need any makeup. Any boy would be lucky to have you. You don’t need to be insecure. I think you’re amazing” Luke said holding my shoulders. “Thank you. I love you” I said pulling him in for a hug. “I love you too” Luke replied. Little did he know that I meant it more than a friend. “Can I please still do my makeup?” I asked. “If it makes you feel pretty and better about yourself, then sure” Luke replied. “YAY!” I screamed turning back to my makeup while Luke started to fix his hair. It was a bit hard considering it was a pretty small mirror. He finished doing his hair the same time I finished my makeup. I did my hair all cute while Luke sat on the bench watching me. When I finished, I grabbed all my junk and took it back to Luke’s room. “Did you want to go up to the shops and buy some food quickly? It’s like 3 o’clock now. Mum left like $3000 for me to buy some groceries and shit” Luke says as we walked down the stairs. “Well in my purse I have around $75,000. So if you pick you some clothes, I’ll buy them for you. I want to buy some stuff as well” I said smiling at him. “You sure?” Luke asked. “Yes. I like to treat you sometimes because you mean so much to me” I replied. “Ok, well. Leggo!” He said as we walked out his front door and locking it behind him.

We started to walk in the direction of the local shopping centre. It has a David Jones, Myer, Kmart, Big- W, Target, Woollies, Coles, and my favourite stores: City Beach, Supre, Forever New, Topshop & Ally and so much more. “So umm, what did you do when you walked home?” Luke asked breaking the silence. “I listened to some One Direction” I replied. “Ok. What are you gonna buy when we get to the shops?” Luke asked. “I don’t know. Can you help me choose some stuff?” I asked. “Sure. You have to try on a tight dress though. You know I love it” He said winking. I stopped and turned to him.  “You know what most girls would call you?” I asked. “What would they call me?” He asked. “A hot, sexy musician but gets less attractive as time goes on because he’s a perv” I said then started walking again. I turned around to see him still in his place so I smacked my butt. I turned back around and continued to walk. I soon felt two strong arms wrap around me and I stopped walking. “I may be a perv but you love it” Luke whispered in my ear. “Maybe I do” I whispered back. We just both started laughing and started walking again. We were walking in silence. Not an awkward one though. His hand brushed on mine. He looked at me and I just smiled back. He wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled my closer to him and then kissed my cheek. I’m still shorter than him and I’m wearing 6” heels.




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