Oh Shit

I could have stayed in rehab for years,but they let me out for no reason.Just like that.I thought it would have some catch to it,but no.Everything was perfectly fine.It's so weird to have things perfectly fine in my world.I went inside my house.I checked around.Looked for someone.And there they were.All in my room.Everyone.My friends,family,and my love.But I couldn't speak to them.I approached them.I was back in rehab.It will never end.I will always screw it up.


5. Something Must Break.

Existence.Well what does it matter?I exist in the best terms that I can. - Ian Curtis


She's coming.Get ready.


Play time,Juliet.


"Welcome back,little sis." Juliet smiled.

Little sis?She's my sister?Fuck."Hello,Juliet."


"I'm just going to make it clear.I am not sorry."Jc giggled.

"Oh shut up."Juliet tilted her head back and sniffed."Don't punch me like that in the face.You can anywhere else,but not the face."

Jc fell to the floor."Juliet,I'm getting worse.Kevin won't leave me alone."

Juliet took off her jacket and wiped her nose with it."Let him.Emily says that he just wants to play.Emily and I play all the time."

"It's not even fun when you play."Jc cried."Can Emily make him go away?"

"Nope.He's your problem."

"Emily.Come out,come out.Let's play."Juliet chanted.

"Why are you calling her?"Jc got up.

"Because I'm bored."Juliet shrugged.

"Just wait for the party to start."Jc smiled.

"It'll be lame."Juliet laughed."You look pale."

"I'm tired of this."Jc searched inside the bathroom cabinets and took out a bottle of sleeping pills.

"Oh wow.Put that away,dumb ass."Juliet rolled her eyes."Here."She handed her a little bag full of white power."All you have to do is sniff it up."

"Is that cocaine?!"Jc's eyes widened.

"No.It's baking soda."Juliet sighed."Of course it's cocaine."

"I can't.Mom will notice."Jc shook her head.

"Mom's a bitch,Jc."Juliet rolled her eyes again."Emily wants to play soon.Just sniff it up already!"

"Alright,alright."Jc took the bag with shaky hands.She poured the small powder into a thin line on the bathroom counter.She leaned down and covered one of her nostrils with her finger.

"Oh,did you invite your boyfriend?"

"Oliver is not my boyfriend!"Jc grew red as she sniffed.

"Sure,sure."Juliet wiggled her eyebrows."Happy thirteenth birthday!"

Jc smiled."Finally a teenager."

"I'm still the oldest."Juliet coughed.

"So what?"Jc stood up.

"Girls,Oliver's here!"Their mother yelled from downstairs.

"Oliver!"Jc ran out of the bathroom.

"Wait up!"Juliet followed her down the stairs.

"Mum has your present in the car,Jc."Oliver said as Jc hugged him tightly.

"Thank you for coming."

"Why wouldn't I?"

What a nice boyfriend,Jc.

"He's not my boyfriend."Jc whispered.

"What?"Oliver's cheeks turned red.

"Hello,Olly."Juliet said as she went down the stairs.

"Hey,Juliet."Oliver stuttered."How are you?"

"Great.Thanks for asking."She winked.

Ouch.That's gotta hurt,Jc.

"Shut up."Jc muttered.

"Rude."Juliet gasped.

"It's Kevin."Jc sighed.

"Emily said that we can play with the people that are being invited to the party."

Jc could feel the sweat drip down her forehead."No."

"Come on.Oliver and I always play.Why can't you?Grow up already."Juliet rolled her eyes.

"Shut up,Juliet.It's not fun."Jc crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"Jc,everyone's here!Get inside the kitchen!"Her mother called.

They're making fun of you.Jc,let's play.Prove Juliet wrong.Prove that you're strong.That you can play just as well as they can.Everyone from school was invited to your party.You are strong.Do what you can.

"Let's play."Jc smiled."Emily and Kevin will get along just fine with the people."

"That's my girl."Juliet laughed.

Oliver wrapped an arm around Jc and kissed her cheek."You'll be fine as long as you do as we say."

"Sure."Jc cleared her throat.

"There's the birthday girl."Grandmother Wilson smiled from the couch with her bright smile.

"Happy birthday!"Everyone said as the three came in.

"Happy birthday indeed."Juliet whispered as she slipped a knife into Jc's back pocket.

"Let's have fun."Oliver stretched and pulled out a knife.

It got quiet.

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