18 year old Anna is dating One Direction's Niall Horan. Anna and Niall meet and immediately become good friends. But Niall feels like he wants more than that. Does Anna want the same? Is she a big fan of One Direction? Will this story end happily? Find out by reading "Suicidal".


2. A First Date

Anna's POV.

That evening, I am laying in bed, watching television. Once the show goes to commercial, I decide to text Niall. As I am about to grab the scrap of paper that has his number from my nightstand, I stop; thinking for a second. Would he find me desperate if I texted him now? A girl with some sort of no-life? Negative thoughts float in my mind. After a long thinking session, I decide to just man up and text the guy. I grab the slip of paper, and add the number to my contacts on my phone. I then send him a brief text:

Hi Niall. Its the girl you met at the park today. Anna. Haha

Then I quickly click "Send", and wait for a response. After 5 minutes, I figure he thinks I am annoying and he is ignoring me, when my phone suddenly beeps. I scan the screen. His number appears below his text. His text is:

Hello Anna. How are you?

Great I respond.

Moments later....

Haha, that's good. So, I was wandering...Want to meet at the park tomorrow at 2 in the afternoon? I can bring the food and If you want maybe you could bring a dessert.

My heart leaps. Was he asking me on a date? I can feel my cheeks redden as I text back:

That would be cool. And sure I'll bring a dessert. I'll surprise you. Hahah

Sounds gr8 Anna. See you tomrrw?

See you tomorrow:)



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