18 year old Anna is dating One Direction's Niall Horan. Anna and Niall meet and immediately become good friends. But Niall feels like he wants more than that. Does Anna want the same? Is she a big fan of One Direction? Will this story end happily? Find out by reading "Suicidal".


1. The Picnic

Anna's POV.

I am in my room, getting ready to go to the park with my best friend, Georgia. I hear knock on my door. "Come in!" I shout. Georgia opens the door. She was dressed in a pretty casual outfit: Jean shorts attached with a white belt, flip flops, a tank top, and her hair tied in a messy bun. Along with a dab of make up, of course. I was wearing: White jeggings, a T shirt, sneakers, and my hair in a pony tail. I didn't usually wear any make up. I liked being myself, and I felt being myself, I shouldn't wear any make up. Georgia sighs wearily but a small smile is on her face. "Are you ready yet, Anna?" I give myself a final look in my full length mirror. "Yes" I say smiling. "Come on!" she says. She runs downstairs and I follow her. The picnic basket is on the kitchen table a long with a checkered blanket. By the way, Georgia and I lived together. We were both 18 years old, and were best friends, so of course we decided early on we had to live with each other. Georgia and I head in her Honda, and she then backs out our driveway. "I love days like this" I say happily looking out the window as she drives down the road. "Me too" agrees Georgia, smiling as she looks straight ahead. "Who doesn't love the summer?" she says. I thought. "Well some people prefer the winter-" I start to say but Georgia stops me, laughing. "You know what I mean, Anna". I laugh along with her. Summer was my favorite season. Sun shining bright. Clouds big and puffy in the light, blue sky. Kids outside at their front lawns, playing and having a blast. Beach days. It was all perfect. Soon enough, Georgia pulls into a parking space near the park. "Alright" she says turning off the engine. "We're here". We both get out the car with the picnic basket and checkered blanket. We soon find a nice, shady, grassy spot in the park away from all the different swings, sandboxes, and slides. "Perfect spot" sighs Georgia happily as she spreads the blanket onto the grass. "Perfect" I repeat smiling. We sit down and are about to dig in, when I think I notice a familiar face. The lovely blond hair. Baby blue eyes. Casual outfit. My brain soon snaps into action. I whisper to Georgia quickly and excitedly "Oh my God Georgia, it's Niall Horan!" I point my finger at him, sitting at a wooden bench nearby. Georgia and I were both huge fans of 1D. My favorite was Niall, honestly. Georgia loved Lou. But we loved them all, of course! "Oh. My. Goddd this cannot be happening, Anna" says Georgia grabbing my wrist tight. I didn't care if it hurt, I was too surprised to notice. "Well, let's go over to him!" I say. She giggles and we both quickly get up walking over to him. "Hey Niall" I say shyly. Niall looks up. He smiles. "Hello, love. Wonderful day, isn't it?" I fight the urge not to freak out. I take a quick deep breath. "It is" I agree. "What's you lovely ladies names?" asks Niall smiling. "Georgia" says Georgia. "Anna" I says blushing. "Both beautiful names" says Niall. "Thank you!" we both say at the exact same time. Niall laughs. "I'm guessing you ladies are fan, huh?" "Yes!" we say in unison once again. He continues to smile. "Awesome. I'm pretty hungry. I better get home" he says getting up from the bench. I offer "Niall, me and Georgia were just starting a picnic. We wouldn't mind at all if you joined". Niall blushes. "Are you ladies sure?". We both nod. He grins. "Okay, I would honestly love that. Thank you, girls". We lead him over to our blanket and we all have a seat. Niall hungrily bites into one of the turkey sandwiches I made. "Mmm! This is delicious!" he says swallowing it after a couple bites. I blush. "Thanks. I made it". "She makes awesome turkey sandwiches" agrees Georgia nodding. He pats my hand. "Bless you!" I laugh, my cheeks heating up. Once we finished our food, Niall starts to get up. "Well thank you ladies very much for that meal! I enjoyed it very much! I have to meet the lads at Starbucks now". "Okay thanks Niall we enjoyed your company" I say smiling. Niall winks fishing in his pocket. He pulls out a little scrap of paper and a pen and scribbles something on it. He then folds it neatly, and hands it to me winking once again. "Call me" he mouths using his hand as a pretend telephone by his ear. I giggle, then nod speechless. I unfold the paper once he is gone. Sure enough, is a number. Niall Horan's number. God is this a freaking dream? I think it is. I pinch myself. nope. It's all reality.

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