Forever and always together ( Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Ashleigh Cole is a straight A student, up until a year ago her life was perfect. Until she has a big accident which changed he life forever. Once she gets to go back to school, she meets a new student Harry Styles and is requested to tutor him for the year and help him get to know the school. Before Ashleigh can stop it, she has picked up feelings for Harry, but he has secrets that out her in a lot of danger. Will she survive ?


1. In the beginning

Chapter one : in the beginning 

"Ashleigh you need to wake up, you don't wanna be late in you're first day back to school do you?" My mother screeched from her own bed. Which she was probably still in, not dressed, and still can get mad at me for sleeping in for ten minutes. I was not looking forward to go back to school. Especially not high school and even worse, the last year. The year where everything counted. Not only in grades. 

Since my accident I desperately do not want to go to school, my friends all despised me , my teachers marked me harder, my boyfriend dumped me, and everything I loved soon became everything I lost. 

"Get up now!" My mothered ordered ripping me from my thoughts. 

"Yeah I am , calm down mother" 

"Is James picking you up" hearing his name tumbling out if her lips causes a lump in my throat that I am forced to swallow. He was my long time boyfriend, who ended our relationship and started dating Millie. Millie is the most popular girl in the entire school, and I know not all schools have the stereotypical 'mean girl group' but hell, hillside high does. 

"Mom we broke up," I choked it out, barley audible. 

"Oh, right" the words are monotone, with no feeling. They sting as they fill my mind and my chest begins to hurt. 

D"Guess you'll be walking. Better get a move on" 
I groan at her command, leaving our conversations and jumping into the shower, washing my long blonde hair. Making sure to condition the roots. As I'm steeping out I see the scar once again, I wince in disgust 
"If it would only disappear," I whisper to myself.
As I blow dry my hair I curl the tips and put in a pair of blue skinny jeans, a blue scarf with white stars on it, a white blouse and a black cardigan. I rapidly apply some light makeup and run out the door
As I'm walking down the street I remember how my life use to be before the accident and how much of a different person I am and how much I have hidden from my mom. As I think of my mom my heart aches, she is just as guarded asI am right now, what happened with her? As I'm deep in thought he entire journey I realize I am already at school. Wow that was fast

As I walk the familiar halls I hear the jocks whistling, the nerds digging through their lockers and everyone else that knows who I am is gossiping about the last summer. The heartbreak, the loss, the change. I try to ignore it and scurry of to my next class, algebra. Oh good. 

As I enter my old classroom there is only one seat left. In the very back behind a strange boy. The boy has curly brown hair and the girls flop down on his face. He smirks at me, obviously checking me out and scanning my body multiple times. I feel my cheeks heat up and quickly take my seat. I glance behind me and notice how green his eyes are and how they stare right into me. Into the darkest corners of me. 

"Hey," he says lust in his voice 
"H--hii" I stutter like a complete fool. 
He laughs at my struggle and his dimples are formed on his face 
"I'm Harry, first year here. Seems like a shit hole " I am taken back by his words. Wait what, he is a new kid? No way. He looks like some college boy who likes to spend his time in frat houses and having one night stands every weekend and getting wasted and not remembering what was happening before he woke up in the place that seemed unfamiliar. 
"What's you're name?" He asks, breaking my thoughts once again. 
Before I answer the bell rings and Mr. Staples enters the classing calling attendance. And introducing our new student. Harry styles , all the way from Holmes chapel England. So he is a Brit. Explains he's accent. 
" Miss Cole you will be showing Mr. Styles around for the day and I expect you to tutor him if necessary. "Oh. Shit that is me. I have to show around this new kid. 

"Looks like we will be spending a lot more time together. " he growls in my ear
"Well that just makes my pans for you easier.

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