Once, Harry Potter was told that there were three unregistered animagi by his godfather, Sirius Black. But Sirius was wrong... there were four.


9. Chapter 9


Staring at the map, I watched James gallop towards the edge. Towards the figure labeled Lily. Once he reached her, I sighed, and muttered, "Mischief managed," tapping the map with my wand. The ink leached out, and then I was holding a sheet of blank parchment. Just in time, since a particular nosy, obnoxious Slytherin was walking towards me, with his potion kit under his arm .

"What do you want, Snape?" I demanded coldly.

"You wouldn't happen to know where Lily is, would you?" he spoke with equal malice in his voice.

"Why in the name of Gryffindor would he know where she is?"  squeaked a voice behind me. Peter Pettigrew walked out of the shadows, and stared up at Snape.

"Because," Snape's voice drawled out coldly, "she's been following your leader like a lost puppy since we arrived back here, and if only the 'great' James Potter knows where she is, then I'll find him."

"I really wish that James hadn't pulled you out of the Shrieking Shack," I muttered, and walked away with Remus at my side, and Peter following.


I wanted to talk to Lily in more depth, so the Forbidden Forest wasn't the right place to do it. She flew low, right above my stag self's head. We sped towards Hogwarts together, but as the sun started to set, I lost sight of her. What if I couldn't find her?

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