Once, Harry Potter was told that there were three unregistered animagi by his godfather, Sirius Black. But Sirius was wrong... there were four.


8. Chapter 8


Once I had flown far enough that it would be nearly impossible to find me, I landed on a high, sturdy branch and transformed to cry. Severus had gone too far. He calls me a Mudblood, but wants to still be friends? He must be mental.


I snatched the map from Peter, and saw a small figure labeled Lily on the edge of the map, in the center of the Forbidden Forest.  I dropped the map, not caring what happened to it. I just needed to find her.

"James, wait!" Sirius called as I started to sprint towards the easiest way out of the school. Down to Rubeus Hagrid's house I ran. I ran past it, and only once I was in the Forbidden Forest did I transform and run faster. Being a stag meant that I could gallop seven times longer and three times faster then I could as a human. I knew where she was. She was near the stream that Peter fell into once and almost drowned. It sounds odd, but his rat form can't swim.

Once I reached the stream, I became human again, and started calling her name.


"Lily!" I heard a familiar voice, "Lily! Where are you?" James shouted from below. I thought about hiding myself, making sure that James would never find me. But I just needed someone who I knew would never betray me, and that was James.

Cautiously, I lowered myself down from the tree, and spotted James standing by the creek, calling for me. I didn't draw his attention towards me straight away, but waited for a minute before I cleared my throat, watching him spin around.

"Lily! I've been so worried!" he gasped, and wrapped me in a hug, "Don't ever leave me again."

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