Once, Harry Potter was told that there were three unregistered animagi by his godfather, Sirius Black. But Sirius was wrong... there were four.


5. Chapter 5


I can't believe that James caught me last night. He can't tell anyone. Not his friends, not the teachers. Nobody. I got even more worried when he called me over to sit with them at breakfast. I usually sat in the corner with Alice, trying to make sure no attention would be drawn my way. James and his friends sat in the middle of everything; they sat somewhere where I wish I could be invisible. But I consented, and sat down directly between Sirius and James.

"Lily, right?" Sirius smiled, and James offered me a plate. I took it gratefully, but I didn't eat much. I could just go fill up in the owlery later. James kept quiet about what he discovered last night, and I was so grateful for that.

After breakfast, I had Defense Against The Dark Arts. It was my favorite class because our Professor, Professor Keyliay, was an ex-auror, and she really knew what she was talking about.
"First class of the year," I said to myself as I walked towards the classroom. Then I heard a small voice.

"James! James, wait up!" cried little Gilderoy Lockhart, a second year who looked up to James so much. His wavy blonde hair was messy, just like James's. The only difference was that it looked good on James. I sighed, and finished the walk to class.

When the class was over, everyone had gotten the opportunity to duel a Boggart Werewolf. We weren't allowed to use any Boggart Banishing charms. We had to deal with it as if it were a real werewolf. I had a free hour, so I went up to the owlery. I really loved it up there. I would just prop myself in one of the glassless windows and stroke any owl who would approach me. I talked to them, but I couldn't understand what they said. I could when I transformed, but it was too risky during the day.

"Lily, what are you doing?" I heard James behind me, and I spun around. He dropped the Invisibility Cloak, and walked towards me.

"I have a free period. I come up here all the time,"  I replied, "What are you doing?"

"Writing to my parents. I couldn't last night, so I came back to do it today," he nodded, and tied a letter to his owl's leg. Her name was Athena, and she was a small, grey owl that was very graceful. He sent her flying, and sat down on in a window.

"So, how was Defense Against the Dark Arts?" he asked cautiously. I told him about the werewolf, and then sighed.

"Thank you. For not telling anybody," I smiled weakly at him.

"About what? You being an Animagus? It's not a big deal, Lily," James grinned, and took a step towards me. I looked up into his eyes, and saw something I hadn't seen there before when he looked at me. Emotion. I just wanted him to kiss me right then and there, and to my surprise, my wish was granted. His lips gently brushed over mine for a moment, and then is was over. But it was perfect.

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