You and i 💕

Liam Paynes little sister comes and stays with the boys at thier flat for summer break, but what will happen during that time?


2. Packing/Food/Phone

When we got home, Liam told me to go upstairs and pack. I packed everything I needed for this summer. Liam told me if I forgot/ needed something we could always come back to get it. I was almost done packing when mum came in to talk to me. She told me to behave and all that other good stuff for the boys. Blah blah blah. she knows I would never do anything like that but she still had to tell me. She also told me I have to listen to Liam because he's in charge of me and o lder, and It is their flat, so whatever rules he had I have to follow. When she left I finished off packing by putting my swim suit and board shorts in my suitcase. I was so excited! I took all my stuff downstairs and Liam took my my bags and put them in his car. It took me and hour and a half to pack all my stuff. When he came back we just talked and had a good time talking with mum,dad,Ruth,and Nicola. We were talking for three and a half hours. Around 7:00 p.m. Is when Liam left to make a phone call to the boys to see what they want us to bring for dinner. He was on the phone for like 10 minutes. When he came back he asked if I was ready to go. I said by to our parents and sisters and walked off with Liam. He opened the door for me and he drove of to the nearest Mc.Donald's. We got through the drive through and I swear he ordered like 5 things of everything on the menu. I just rolled my eyes while laughing at him. We arrived at some nice flats. I helped him carry all the food and drinks inside. We left all my luggage in the car. He said well come out and get it after we eat. When Li opened the door all we heard was talking and yelling. I figured they were playing a video game, and I was right. Liam told them the foods ready and they all came running in and dug into the food. Liam handed me some nuggets and pulled out his burger. "What I saved our food, if I didn't it would have been gone." He took out some fries and we shared them. I was drinking my drink when it slipped out of my hand and spilled all over the floor. "Sorry Liam, I really didn't mean to." "No problem, we'll just clean it up when were done eating" I just nodded, and then he shared his drink with me. Oh how I love my big brother. When the boys were done eating everything they all ran back into what I think is the living room and started playing again. "Sorry about them there just really into the game, we have competitions and that's what their doing. And the loser owes the winner $10.00 dollars." Liam said. "Sounds fun" I said laughing. I help Liam finish cleaning up the kitchen. When we finished I followed him outside to help with my stuff but he wouldn't let me, he just told me to help him close the car door and lock it and open the front door. He set all my stuff down by the front door. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and opened it up and Liam took the phone from my hand and ran to the living room (I think) and sat on the couch with the boys looking at all my stuff. I ran after him but by then all the boys were looking trough my phone. I knew I wasn't going to get it back yet. So I just sat on the couch watching them. I looked away for 2 seconds and when I looked backed all of them were gone. I was looking around for them but no one was there. "Liam" no answer "harry" no answer "Zayn" no answer "Niall" no answer "louis" no answer. "Where ar-" I was cut off by them jumping up from behind the couch. I didn't scream or nothing I just jumped. They all laughed and li handed me my phone. When I looked they changed my lock screen to them. I opened up and my homepage was a picture of all of them when they were behind the couch. I looked at my photos and there was like 1000 just of them within 5 minutes. I just shook my head. "Really" "what did we do sis" "you guys really took a bunch of photos and changed my background." "Ya! What's the point if we didn't" I just laughed and told myself to never let them get a hold of my phone again. I decided I'll keep the background for now to keep them happy.

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