You and i 💕

Liam Paynes little sister comes and stays with the boys at thier flat for summer break, but what will happen during that time?


1. getting picked up from school

Hi, I'm Kasey Payne. Im 14 and live in Wolverhampton, England. I am also Liam Paynes little sister. I haven't seen liam much since he auditioned for X factor in 2010, and became apart of ONE DIRECTION. I've only met the boys once and that was it. Liam is very protective for me. I missed him so much. When he became famous a lot of people who never talked to me or was always mean tried to be my friend because of my brother, but I just stayed with my friends who were my friends even before. It's the last day of school and the bell was about to ring to go home and I was sitting with my friends hanging out. When the bell rang we walked out to the front of the school waiting to be picked up. When we were sitting there a nice car parked in the parking lot. Me and my friends just look at each other and continued talking. When someone got out of the car they had normal clothes on a hoodie covering thier face. We thought that was strange and he walked over to is and I realized it was Liam. I ran over to him and gave him a big hug, I was totally expecting my mum to pick me up. "I missed you so much!!" I said "same here" he said. Even though we texted every day and skyped every once in a while it wasn't the same as actually hanging out with him him. I said by to all my friends and walked of with Liam. He said they were on break for the summer, but they do have some shows through out summer but not far from here. I was so happy I get to spend my summer with my big brother, I missed him so much! This is going to be a great summer.

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