the sex(baby) project (a harry styles fanfic)

"I was partnered with the person that had made me suffer he had broke me destroyed me and made me feel like a nobody." What will happen when Jennifer and Harry get paired up for the baby project? Will they end up with a BIG problem because of there actions read to find out.


7. chapter 7

Jennifer's POV

It was around 6:00 and I was on my way to the movie theater I was wearing some black skinny jeans a black shirt and well black shoes I have to admit I love the color black.

I got to the cinema and saw Sierra and them there I went up to them and asked what movie we were watching they said devils due and I said oh ok let me go buy my ticket I went and bought my ticket and to my surprise when I came back Harry's tall figure was there with Emily and Sierra I quickly turned on my heels and was on my way to the bathroom.

Harry's POV

I saw what seemed to be Jennifer and I immediately knew it was her because of the brown curly long hair and how adorably short she was I excused myself and caught up to her before she reached where she was going which seemed to be the bathroom. I pulled her by her arm and spun her around to face me she quickly said "let me go" never I responded.

Emily's POV

I was angry at Harry's actions of leaving me to go chase after that slut I don't know what he sees in her like come on she's ugly she's short and she's way too wild for him I'm gonna get him no matter what it takes! I want him and only him.

Jennifer's POV

"Let me go" I said "never" he responded. Those words kept replaying in my head over and over again did he really say that I said to myself I must be dreaming so I pinched myself nope it's all reality. Harry had let me go use the bathroom since I told him I had a lady problem which wasn't even a lie it's actually true he chuckled and blushed and said "fine" I finally finished and opened the door to find Harry leaning back against the wall "you done" he said. "Yes now let's go see that movie" I said and we walked to where our seats where Harry would be sitting next to Sierra and Emily and I I'm just gonna sit alone.

Sierra's POV

I texted Emily and said "now she's looking" that was her cue to kiss him "ok here I go" she texted back.

Jennifer's POV

They thought they were so sneaky and that I wasn't gonna see that text it was pretty obvious something like this was being planned due to the fact they know I hate Harry and he doesn't hate me. I had to ruin this right now "Harry" I said would you come with me to refill my drink I said to him he nodded agreeing with me. "Thanks for getting me out of that situation she was all up on me and I didn't wanna be mean but I sure as hell didn't like it. He said". "Yeah yeah styles I was saving you from getting an unwanted kiss and getting Elizabeth angry at you" I snapped. "Shut the hell up Jennifer I'm not dating her and so what if I was atleast she's way better then you in bed an- I slapped him across the face he held his cheek and said "bitch" "dickhead you're the worse fucking human I've ever met I don't even know why I love you when you're so fucking mean and aggressive I've had enough of it styles you thought I was just gonna stand here and let you use hurtful shit against me well guess what I'm not have a terrible life styles and don't you even dare get close to me and that stupid project I'm doing alone I'll just say that you're not being there for the "baby" an there I do all the work get the good grade and you get and F ok alright now I'll leave you to alone so you can go fuck Elizabeth or Emily or Sierra how about all three while you're at It you womanizer you manwhore I can't believe I love you but no I hate you goodbye" I said. I saw tons of people starring at us I quickly pulled out my keys and headed to a night club well I'll just drink my problems away I said to myself pulling out my fake ID and setting it on the passenger seat.

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