Forbidden Love

17 year old Chloe has just moved out of her parents house into her own apartment in London, when she falls in love with the boy a few doors down. She knows it's wrong but she just can't fight it. Will love ever find a way for the young couple?

Guys this is a lot like my other Movella (ie- a bit naughty, my name) so yessssssssss enjoy


12. Zayn

Harry's P.O.V


Last night was amazing, I can't believe all of this is happening, I'm cheating on my girlfriend of 11 months for a girl I've known not even a few months, and what's worse, it feels right


I woke up to Chloe still sound asleep in my arms, I smiled tiredly as I positioned myself so my chin was placed on top of her head. She stirred as her eyes flickered open, 

"Good morning" she groaned as she scrunched her nose up and squeezed her eyes shut, my god we'd slept the whole day.

"Morning" Images of last night flicked through my mind and I couldn't help feel proud of myself, for making her feel like that. That is when my stomach sank, it's mine and Daisy's year anniversary today; I shot up and picked my phone off of the desk from across the room, and running a hand through my messy hair, my scalp felt sensitive from Chloe tugging on it last night. I searched my phone for Daisy's number, it came up, 'Princess'. She answered almost instantly 

"Good morning, boyfriend of a year!" She sounded so excited, guilt instantly struck me.

"Good morning, girlfriend of a whole year!" I answered back, as convincing as I could.

"What are we doing today?" She asked straight after, I hadn't given it a thought, I'd been too busy thinking about Chloe. 

"Urm, how about you come round and we have a movie day and I'll take you for dinner later" a squeal came through the phone,

"I love you" she spoke calmly

"I love you too, gotta go baby." 


Chloe's P.O.V

Oh god. What the hell am I doing? Why are we doing this? 


The whole conversation made me feel sick, he called her baby too. It isn't just me. I moved out of bed and grabbed my underwear off the floor, shoving them on under my jumper. I walked out into the living room where Harry was stood in his boxers, with messy bed hair. 

"Come back to bed? She's not coming till 12" I bit my lip and looked at the floor,

"I can't, I'm going out with Zayn for the day" he cocked his head to the side

"Who's Zayn?" I rolled my eyes and took a few steps forward towards the door. He span me around so I was facing him,

"Aren't you going to say goodbye?" I stared him in the eyes for a minute or two and kissed his cheek

"Bye" he frowned at me as I walked out. 


I don't know why I'm pissed at him, I just am, he really makes me feel so special but he's making her feel special whenever I'm not with him, and it hurts. It really hurts. As I walk through the door, Eleanor jumps into my arms and begins to sob. 

"What's up?" I asked, rubbing her back, soothing her as much as I could,

"Where the fuck were you? You've been gone a whole day, AND night, and we're leaving today" 


Oh my god. A whole fucking day.


"I spent the night with a friend, don't worry" She removed herself from my jumper.

"But you have no shoes on?" I glanced down at my feet, shit.

"Yeah, he picked me up" she raised her eyebrows at me, and walked back to her suitcases where Louis was sat.

"Well, we'll be off then, call me if you need anything" I hugged them both and helped them out with their suitcases.


I ran through to the bathroom and switched the shower on, and pulled my hair out of the super messy ponytail that hadn't been brushed for about two days, as I went to step into the shower, the phone rang. Zayn. He'd given me his number while we were at the shoot together,

I answered, "Hey!" 

"Hi! You still up for today? Where shall we meet?" His voice was low, slow and tired. 

"I don't mind, I have a car so I can pretty much go anywhere" he 'mmm'd' in agreement

"How about Hyde Park? I hear it's nice in the summer" I laughed at the sense of sarcasm in his voice,

"Sure, I'll meet you there in about 2 hours, I really need a shower" He laughed.



He hung up. Wow, that was flirty. It's not wrong is it? I mean me and Harry are hardly dating and he has a girlfriend of a year now. I scrunched my nose at the thought.


Once I'd got out of the relaxing shower, I had one hour to get ready. Perfect. I scanned my wardrobe for something to wear, I fixed my eyes on a high waisted small polka dot with cherries on skater skirt with a matching bralet, very 50's.

I shoved it on and pulled my damp hair into a high pony tail, it was far too hot to be wearing it down, I applied some concealer under my eyes, some thick-ish eyeliner and my mascara with some red lipstick to match my skirt and bralet. Done with 10 minutes to spare. Shoving on my white converse, I grabbed my car keys and my phone and ran out of my door, locking it behind me. 



I met Zayn at the entrance of Hyde park, 

"You look nice" he smiles, pointing at my skirt, I look down his finger pressed against the side of my skirt. I know I've only met him once but I felt like I've known this guy for ages. We began our walk through the park, he was right, it was beautiful. The variety of colour flowers were being stalked by the birds and the bees. I pulled my white sunglasses over my eyes and looked up at Zayn, he must have been about 6 inches taller than me, he smiled widely and I looked down to my feet. Maybe this is my chance to get over Harry, I love him, I really do, but he has a girlfriend, I want someone I can call my own, and Zayn seems like that guy. 

We walked over to an icecream stall where I ordered vanilla and a bottle of water, and Zayn got the same

"Plain Jane" he smirked at me, I looked back up at him

"What?" I smiled back, he moved his thumb to my nose and wiped the blob of icecream off softly

"Vanilla, it's so boring" he laughed

"Well then, looks like we're both plain Jane's" I replied, nodding towards his icecream

He chucked to himself quietly

"You know, my middle name is Jane too" I added he raised an eyebrow

"Is that so... Chloe Jane?" I nodded my head aggressively.

"Oh it is"


We walked some more and both lied down on the grass, that smelt freshly mowed. 

"What was the deal with that Harry guy, he looked like he wanted to murder me when I touched your leg" my mind instantly diverted to Harry

"I don't even know anymore, it is so, so complicated" we both let out a long sigh and I closed my eyes and inhaled the warm, summer air. This is right, and I know I've said that being with Harry is right, but it isn't . Truth behold, he has a girlfriend and I'm just a little fling. This guy, lying next to me now, seems so genuine and kind. And I really, really like him.

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