Forbidden Love

17 year old Chloe has just moved out of her parents house into her own apartment in London, when she falls in love with the boy a few doors down. She knows it's wrong but she just can't fight it. Will love ever find a way for the young couple?

Guys this is a lot like my other Movella (ie- a bit naughty, my name) so yessssssssss enjoy


23. Trying to Forget

Harry's P.O.V


Sitting on this cold floor, watching and listening to the girl I love cry in my arms and not knowing why is the hardest thing I think I've ever had to do. I sit and listen as her sobs get quieter and her breathing gets slower and she soon falls asleep out of exhaustion. Quietly removing her head from my lap, I stand and dust myself off before scooping her up into my arms and carrying her through to her bedroom where her bed is unmade on both sides. I stand still as a few horrific thoughts run through my head, 

'is she sleeping with him?'

'did he rape her?'

I swiftly removed the thoughts and placed her on her side of the bed, tucking the hair that had fallen in front of her face behind her ear and planting a soft kiss on her forehead. I'd just reached the door when I heard a faint mumble coming from Chloe's mouth, 

"Please stay, don't go" so faint I could barely make out what she was saying but I got just enough to assure me she didn't want me going anywhere. I slowly walked back over to the bed and stripped myself down to just my boxers, clambering into the unmade side and pulling the duvet over both of us. My arm reached across her and pulled her in closer to me than ever, she loosened up and let out a long and what seemed like a well-needed sigh and rested her head under my chin. This is what I've always wanted. 


Chloe's P.O.V


Falling asleep and waking up in Harry's arms is the safest I've felt for a long time, I sneak a quick peek at sleepy Harry and butterflies fill my stomach. I reach across to my bedside table for my phone and memories of the evening it all happened filled my head as I see the numerous cracks across the back of it. I tap in my pin number and jump at the sudden noise next to me,

"1997" Harry groans as he repeats my password back to me, I smile but don't say a word as I continue to write a new message to my mum, I think about the words carefully as I type them one by one,


'Hi mum, it's me, your daughter, Chloe. Look, I know I haven't spoken to you or Dad since I've moved in but I've seriously had a lot on my mind, it's crazy. Loads has gone on and I've had no time for my phone whatsoever. I've made friends, lots of them and we've been camping together and that was ok. Anyway, I was thinking of driving down to see you all soon. I'm sorry. Give my love to Dad, Chloe x'


I was about to tap send when I was interrupted again by Harry's extremely tired voice,

"Tell her you're bringing a friend," he added, sounding a little more awake than earlier. I agreed and added that in somewhere and finally hit send

"God it's like half 6" I exclaim and Harry deeply chuckles to himself,

"Want McDonalds?" He offered and I smiled at him "I'll take that as a yes, I'm gonna go back to mine and grab some clean clothes, I'll be back here in about 10 minutes so hurry up" He pecked my cheek before removing himself from my bed and throwing his jeans on, not bothering with his top. I jumped at the door slamming and quickly rushed to go and lock it, I put the chain on and locked the top and bottom lock just to be sure. I heard my phone go off from my bedroom and quickly ran through to find a reply from my Mum, 


'Hello darling, we've missed speaking to you and are a little disappointed but we understand, it would be lovely to see you and your new 'friend', lots of love Mum and Dad x' 


I smile before locking my phone and rush to look in my pyjama drawer and find out my favourite fluffy onesie with little rabbit ears on the hood, I slipped it on and quickly brushed my hair and placed it back into it's original ponytail not bothering with any makeup. I walk through to my kitchen and find my converse and frilly socks placed neatly near the oven and put them on as my onesie doesn't contain feet. I was startled by a relatively loud knock on my door, I peer through the peep hole and spot Harry's face leaning up into the one on the outside. Laughing to myself a little, I unlock all the locks and invite him in, I muffle my giggles as I stare at the tall boy with curly hair, standing in front of me in a giraffe onesie. 

"Classy" he teased as he hip bumped me and almost sent me flying into the door. I bite my lip as he ushers for me to leave the apartment first and check my pockets for my phone and my keys. 


*15 minutes or so later*


We reached the drive-thru in Harry's car as he rolled his window down. He spoke slowly into the pre-recorded voice machine asking him what he'd like to order,

"one big mac and fries with a coke" he spoke, a lot slower than usual.

"one big mac and fries with a coke" the voice repeated back to him, 

"And..." He looked across to me,

"A chicken mayo with fries and fanta, please" I smiled at him as he turned back to the machine to speak to it as if it were a baby,

"One chicken mayo and fries with a strawberry milkshake" he rolled his eyes at the speed the machine was going,

"One chicken mayo and fries with a strawberry milkshake, anything else?" It repeated back and he replied with a no. We continued our journey through the drive-thru and drove off, I looked across at him and realised how lucky I am to have him, if I didn't, I'd probably be even more of an emotional wreck than I was earlier.


It was dark when Harry got us to this secret place he was telling me about, it completely overlooked London and it was beautiful, all the lights, some moving because of cars and bikes, some not like the London Eye as it stood still. We both got out of the car, Harry with the McDonald's in his hands and mine completely empty, 

"Here, hold these a second" he handed me the bags and I happily took them from him, he climbed up on top of his car and sat on the roof, "Pass them up" I handed him the food and helped myself up onto the top of his car,

"It's beautiful isn't it?" He queried, I took a long sip of my milkshake and whispered 

"It sure is" I glanced across at him and he was already staring, 

"May sound cringe-worthy but it's not as beautiful as you" His cold hand raised up and stroked my cheek as I blushed, our heads moved in slowly but soon came to some sort of contact as ours lips moved once again, slowly together. It wasn't heated it was perfect. We pulled away at the same time, and I smiled at him shyly. It felt as if I'd just turned 14 and was getting my first kiss all over again. 

"Now eat your McDonald's it's getting cold" I laughed at how the atmosphere changed with a few words. 


But somewhere in the back of my mind was this thought lingering,

'I can smile and laugh as much as I want but I can never get rid of the pain one person has caused me' 


Harry's P.O.V


Something's wrong, I can feel it. I'm not going to force it out of her. I'm just going to focus on making her better.

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