Half a heart

Hey in Cassidy I'm 18 I finally did ran away from him but in the process I got myself in a sticky situation read to find out


1. the sticky situation

I finally did it I Rightaway now I could be happy right ?

Of course I knew that there would be some bumps on the road but this many

Cassidy's p.o.v:

He was chasing me the only thing I saw was a hotel I ran inside and went into a random room then the bathroom and I hid myself in the shower next thing I heard was a lot of movement like a lot and I heard the bathroom door open and then close of course I had to to be sneaky as I move my foot down and made a very loud squeaking noise and all I heard was

"Hello whose there?"

You guys should really know that I have never talked and I never will.

As he opened the curtain he screams out "boys get the security guard "and I could do was shake my head no I didn't know how speak never would be able to

"Can you speak?"

All I could do was shake my head no

I made a gesture for some paper and pencil and he gave it to me and I wrote about everything what had happened why am here and most importantly why I couldn't talk and no I know I can only trust him Niall.

He understood completely he was so funny so down to earth and gosh he's beautiful beautiful blue eyes were perfect. Can't you just go to the boys and of course me being not able to talk I shook my head yes

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