My Saver

“W-what are you d-doing here?” I asked getting really nervous understanding why Niall was nervous earlier. He looked me straight into my eyes and I saw lust and anger.

“Clubbing, I was about to leave but then I saw a sexy lady sitting here all alone” he said licking his lips with his tongue. Where is Niall when you need him?

Louis began to take on me, letting his hand slip under my dress fining it’s way up too my underwear. I slapped his hand but he took my hand and led me outside the club. I tried to scream but Louis pressed his lips against mine to make me shut up.

“you left us darling, you broke the rule” Louis said.


3. Chapter Three

*Lucy’s pov*

“Get up! Get up! One Direction concert todaaaaaay!” Madison have yelled all morning getting ready, actually all evening. I slept all day cause she also yelled last night, so I didn’t get any sleep. I don’t know how she can be so hyper when she didn’t get any sleep at all. I got up and looked at the watch. 6 pm. Oh gosh we only have two hours to get ready, eat and to get to the concert. I made my way slowly out to the bathroom and hopped in bath. I let the cold water run over my body. I did my girl stuff and took a towel around my body and one for my hair. When I came out of the bathroom Madison was already in a beautiful dress. It was blue with no straps and stopped at her knees. I am really jealous of her, she always look so nice and pretty. Then there is me, not so pretty and concentrate a lot on my studies. Since I’m out of high school I don’t have anything to do, well I need to get a job and I will search for one tomorrow, now I have to get ready. I looked through my walk in closet and founded a beautiful black dress. It only has one shoulder and its simple, it shows your figure and ends right before my knees. As I took it one it looked great, but I hate my figure though. I don’t have the skinniest body, I’m not fat but I hate my curves. I don’t think it’s pretty and then I don’t have tiny ass like all girls. Mine is a little bigger and sticks out, it’s so ugly. I looked for some shoes and founded some black high heels with a red clutch too. It actually looked great. I applied some black eyeliner and a little eye shadow.

I didn’t do anything to my hair, but actually I didn’t have time for it because we had to go. I took some of my money and my phone with me. I’m going to ask Madison if we can go to a party club after the concert. I kinda never been to one before and though it could be funny plus I look great. I know I’m eighteen and that I never been to a club before sounds crazy but as I said I always focus on studies. I walked down to see Madison ready only waiting for me.

“You look stunning!” she exclaimed and I smiled.

“You too, well I was thinking maybe we could go to a club after the concert?” I asked and she raised her eyebrows. “You know I’ve never been to one before Madison”

“I know and sure you need to show some boys that body” She told me and walked out to the lift. As we walked in she gave me a dirty look. I shook my head and the lift opened.

As we sat in the car driving to the concert place we listened to my Arian Grande CD I brought with me from the states. Even though I’m not a fan of One Direction I still can’t believe I’m going backstage to one of their concerts and the fact that Harry winked at me. Why would he give me the tickets anyway, he had knew me for five minutes.

“Maybe Niall will fall for you” I said winking at her. Madison is like serious in love with Niall, it’s crazy.

“I don’t think so Luc” She said laughing. Luc is my nickname, I hate it but there is not so many nicknames for my name. Madison’s nickname is Madi, I know really creative. Another thing I can’t believe is that I’m going to a club for the first time. All my friends from the states started going to clubs as fifteen years old. My dad told me not to do things like this before I got on the plane but he can’t control me now. I’m on my own and I have Madison to tell me.

“We’re here!” Madison yelled, we got out of the car and looked for the backstage area. There was fans everywhere, but we founded and security guard and asked for help. He showed us all the way but we got stopped by another security guard.

“Passes please” he said looking down at us. We showed him our passes and he let us through. Madison ran away from me, so I got kind of lost. I respected her choice and looked around. I founded the stage and saw Madison on the front of the scene. She was just like all the others but the different was she was closer than them. I laughed at her and turned around to look after some food. I haven’t got any food today because I was so slow by getting ready.

The show was starting in half an hour and I still haven’t found any food yet. I saw the boys coming out from the dressing room and they all looked great. I walked over to them, maybe they could tell where there could be some food. I walked over to them and made sure I looked okay.

“Hey” I said when I reached the boys. They all turned around and looked at me, I smiled politely at them and their jaw dropped. “What? Do I have something in my hair?” I asked confused, no one has ever looked at me that way.

“No no no” they all said, making sure I heard them. Harry walking forwards me and looked at me from head to toe. He smiled and looked straight into my eyes.

“You like stunning” he said winking at me.

“Thanks, um do you know where I can get something to eat?” I asked looking at them all, Harry chuckled and grabbed my hand leading me around the corner to a table filed with food. “Oh I didn’t see that” I said blushing. I looked down at our hands and blushed even more, when I looked at Harry, he blushed too. I turned around at looked at what I would like to eat. Food reminded me about Niall, because Madison talks about him all the time. I decided to take a cookie which actually did I wasn’t hungry anymore. I smiled relived and saw Harry staring at me. I blushed and began to walk over to Madison who was still in front of the scene but someone grabbed my hand. I turned around and saw Harry.

“Thank you for coming tonight” he said and kissed my cheek and with that he left me standing there speechless again. He walked over to the others and I walked over to Madison who was screaming like crazy. I smiled and stood next to her.

“You know you could talk to them like I just did instead of screaming for half an hour” I said laughing at her actions. I grabbed her hand and lead her over to the boys at the end of the area. She frowned when we reached the boys and turned around but I held her back. Now we stood in a position where I smiled awkwardly at the boys and Madison trying to get away. I pulled her hard so she turned around and saw all of the lads looking at us. She cleared her throat and nodded to give me a sign so I could walk over to the boys. As we walked over to them, I saw Harry winking at me. I felt something inside me that I never have felt before. Love? No, it couldn’t be. I just met him and I’m not even a fan that have a crush on him, like every other girl I know.

“Hey girls” Zayn greeted us smiling. I smiled back and Madison looked at Niall. She was nearly drooling over him, so i put a hand over her mouth. She knew what i meant, i always do that when it happens.

"Hey" i said back still smiling, i saw in the corner of my eyes Harry winking at me. I blushed and said i needed to go the bathroom. Just because Madison need to talk with the boys alone, it has always been her biggest dream. As i walked away, i felt like someone was following me, so i began to ran away. I ended up in a blind alley. When i turned away i saw Harry still smirking at me. I got relieved that there wasn't creeper after me.

"What do you want?" i asked harsh, getting really mad at him for scaring me like that. he slowly walked closer to me and pressed me up against the wall with his hands on each side of me, so i couldn't get away.

"Don't get scared of me, you have to get used to it" he said licking his pink lips with his wet tongue. What the hell did that mean?

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