Everybody talks

Harry styles understands rumours can get crazy. But what will happen when he is rumoured to be dating a fan? Will all the hate stop? Will the world ever get over it? Or will Harry turn into a lovebird? What will happen if Louis meets the same girls friend? Will it be love, or regret?


5. fun or not

Louis p.o.v.

After Alice and philly explored the holiday house, we organized rooms.

"Um so I know this sounds crazy but we only have 5 rooms, but they are really big. Obviously Harry and Philly can sleep together, but we need two more people to sleep together." Liam said, glancing at me and Ali. She shrugged.

"I'd be happy to sleep with you, Louis." She said

I smiled.

"Alright it is sorted then."

That night, as Yuan Sui (our staff member- who loved her job) was making us got chocolate, as Ali and I and haz and philly were snuggling, we played truth or dare. Liam started and it landed on Ali and I.

"Ali and Louis, Truth or dare!" Liam smiled.

"Dare." She challenged. I nodded.

"Well, you know how Australia is like a desert? Boiling at day but freezing at night?"

Ali nodded.

"I dare you, WITH Louis to go and do 3 laps outside of the house, Louis you in just boxers and Ali in shorts and crop top. With no shoes."

Louis groaned and took off his shirt and shorts and shoes. I took off my jacket and got changed into shorts. I didn't have shoes on.

"Go!" Liam shouted.

We laughed and snuggled close, which made us double cold since we were equal cold. Finally, we finished and went off to bed. The boys didn't, but philly did. We jumped into bed and she lay on my chest and I stroked her beautiful hair.

"I love you, Ali" I said.

"I love you too." She said and kissed me. Then we fell asleep in each other's arms.

Philly's p.o.v.

I woke up and Harry still wasn't in bed. I laughed at the thought of him snuggled in Liam's bed, I have no idea why I think it's because I use to be a Lirry fan. I went downstairs and finally enough, Liam was in Harry's arms! I laughed so hard their eyes opened. Then they pushed away from each other. Harry got up and kissed my cheek.

"I got a little jealous of Liam there." I smiled.

"Sorry I didnt come to bed baby" he smiled.

"Today is a nice day- wanna go for a walk?" I heard Louis ask Ali as they walked in.

A few minutes later Louis and ali were all ready. "Anyone wanna go for a walk?" They asked.

"Me" I said. I turned to Harry.

"I'm ok. Have fun."

Philly p.o.v.

It was hot so we all stopped for ice cream. Then Ali had to pee, so she went round the back. I was left with Louis. We orderd our ice cream and sat down. Then Louis saw a shop he liked.

"Hey philly, can I just pop into this shop?" He asked. I nodded. I was left alone, and then a man came in. He said to me,

"Are you taken baby? Come on, kiss me sexy. I don't bite."

"Get lost" I said.

"Oooh, sassy. I like it, boys, check this beast out." A couple buff guys walked in.

"Ooh, man look at that body." "Come on, sexy come home with me." One said. I shook my head.

"Get lost." I said once again.

"No chance, love." They smiled and picked me up. In an alleyway, they put me down.

"So, baby, come on, don't be afraid." They said.

"GET LOST! LEAVE HER ALONE!" Two voices from behind shouted. Louis and Ali. I was saved.

Harry's p.o.v.

They finally came home. Philly was crying.

I ran over to her and she fell into my arms-

"Oh Harry- I'm so glad you're not like them." She cried into my chest.

I looked at Louis with a confused face. He muttered "dickheads wanted her."

I immeaditly understood, as I knew how many boys always pick on girls in the streets- and want them.

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