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Harry styles understands rumours can get crazy. But what will happen when he is rumoured to be dating a fan? Will all the hate stop? Will the world ever get over it? Or will Harry turn into a lovebird? What will happen if Louis meets the same girls friend? Will it be love, or regret?


7. beach and death drama

Harry's p.o.v.

I woke up and tried to snuggle into Philly's arms, but there was no one there. Weird. I heard laughs and giggles and splashes from not to far away, so I looked at the clock. 10:30am. I slept in, they must be all at the beach. I didn't take a shower because I would wash my hair afterwards- I haven't for months now. I put on some black and white checkered bordshorts and straitened my hair a bit, grabbed my Sunnies and walked downstairs. There was nothing interesting to eat so I grabbed an apple and decided I would take everyone out to brunch on me. I ate the apple and then grabbed a towel headed outside.

Philly's p.o.v.

We all went to the beach and left Harry to sleep. Once we all settled down we started to play volleyball. Then I got in the water. I started to swim around and mess around with the boys, until I felt something touch my leg. Out of instinct, I presumed it was a shark and screamed. I ran over to Liam (he was closest) and screamed more. Then something/one started touching me, and I turned around to Harry in his sexy board shorts. I laughed.

"I'll get you!" I giggled.

After an hour or two of splashing around and playing volleyball, Harry announced he was taking all of us out for lunch or brunch and then we set off.

When we were walking, a couple of fans noticed us. They looked kinda reconized to me, I looked at the others and they didn't look like it. So I thought It was probably untrue dajavou. But they did have guilty and had fakish- looking smiles. We all sort of panicked, management (the official 1d hq Twitter) tweeted the boys were in London having time off. They must have known it was a lie. They saw us panic and walked over to us.

"I'm Angela. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone you are here. Can um, all of you sign this? Including your girlfriends?" One asked.

"Sure. But we need to book for brunch. How about you guys sign it and than run over to book for brunch? It's getting crowded." I suggested. They all nodded and signed the two girls albums and ran to the cafe.

Then as I was pulling out a pen, they hit it out of my hand and pulled me around the corner of a hedge. Then they frowned and took out a baseball bat. THATS WERE IVE SEEN THEM BEFORE! They almost killed me back in L.A. (Because I am dating Harry,) when I went to the washroom. I tried to run, but one of them pulled me back. The last thing I remember was being indulged in darkness.

Harry's p.o.v.

After booking the resturuant/cafe, we waited outside for philly. After a minute or so I started worrying.

"How long does it take to sign and album?!" Liam muttered.

"I'll go see if she's okay." I said. They all nodded.

"I'll come." Ali said.

"Me too." Louis added.

"We'll all go." Zayn said, stepping forward.

'We are just hurrying her, not jumping off a cliff with her!' I mentally screamed at them, but I knew that that was rude and they were trying to help, so I kept it to myself.

Lead by me, we all rushed around the corner, to see nothing. Okay I was worried now. Where was she? And where were those girls?

Niall ran over to behind a hedge followed by all of us. Then he cursed under his breath, but we all heard it. What could he see?! When I got closer, I saw it too. Philly was on the ground, motionless, lifeless. Did they fricken kill her?

Niall called the hospital while I just sat on a bench, sadness in my eyes. Louis came over.

"Bro, it's okay. She'll be alright."

"I'm gonna kill those girls. Just like they could have killed philly. What if she's dead, Louis. They could have cut or shot her." I screamed.

"Then, let's check her pulse." Louis said walking over to the direction of the hedge. I fell right back down to earth and realized that there were sirens sounding. Abulance. I got up and turned around to see they were gone, driving off. I tried to follow, but Louis held me back.,

"No use. You won't catch them. We will meet her there later. Let's catch the bus." He said, letting me go. I stepped in front of him.

"Well, Louis?"

"Well what?"

"Is she Alive, you checked her pulse right?"

"I don't know! They left!"

"WELL YOU COULD HAVE SAID, 'hey, Harry. They are going if you want to come.' SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND LOUIS!" I screamed at him.

The bus came and I hopped on without the boys and Ali. I needed time to think alone.

(A/N I decided to be nice and give you all an early update. Just to let you know, I will be announcing the contest winners in the next couple weeks, because I haven't had time to look and decide. I will be choosing a girlfriend for 1 of them, I haven't decided who yet. Also I have had comments just saying: I want to date niall/zayn/Liam. Plz, tell me about you more. I know this sounds kinda weird but please tell me how much money you have at this point, I am doing a sort of shopping chapter again. I will probably update this weekend, because I'm in a good mood and I have already planned it all out. Please send me your opion. Thanks!)

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