Bullied to change

Esme Saunders gets bullied everyday at school, she get's abused, heart broken, anything you can think of, she's been the victim of west mount high school for 2 year's now, 5 boys known as zayn malik, harry styles, louis tomlinson,niall horan and liam payne are the ones who started it all off. One day after school esme explodes, she gets bullied so much she tries to change herself to fit in with everyone else, but what will happen after her huge change, what will her bully's think of her? will they carry on ruining her life or will they fall for the new esme.


7. Suck up

I woke up to shouting..I got out of my bed and walked towards the bathroom to brush my teeth. Once i brushed them i opened the bathroom door and saw my mum giving me a death stare. "Mum, whats up?" "You're late that's what, I've been shouting you for the past hour..school started 20 minutes ago, now hurry up, i leave for work now so i can't give you a lift" she rolled her eyes and walked back downstairs. I'm going to get in so much trouble by the teachers now..Actually no, i don't care, i'm a different person now, why should i care. I laughed to myself whilst picking out some clothes from my wardrobe. I wore a black short play suit which was transparent by the belly, some black combat boots, and my brown handbag which rested well on my shoulder. I applied my face with some foundation, eye shadow, mascara and love dark red lipstick. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=106824197 I straightened my hair and puffed it up a bit adding extra volume then put on my rounded sunglasses, even though it wasn't that sunny as it was still early in the morning, i wanted to make a good impression and a good entrance in class.

I looked around the house to see if my dad was in..no sight of him, i grabbed a bottle of Pepsi from the fridge and put in my handbag. I locked the door and started to walk to school. I got out my fags from my bag and placed one in between my lips whilst lighting it up, then my phone buzzed just as i blew some smoke from my mouth. 'Where the hell are you? i need you to lighten up this class, god its boring! clara x' I smirked at the text and text her back straight away. 'nearly there, oh don't worry, i'll entertain the class. clara x' I put my phone in my bag and began to smoke my fag quickly. As i saw the saw i walked through the gates and threw the fag on the floor. 

I walked through the corridors and saw my classroom, i still had my sunglasses on but i weren't gonna take them off just yet. I walked through the door and saw clara smile at me, i smiled back and looked over to where harry and louis were, they were sat behind clara, they both looked at me up and down and smirked, a lot of people whistled making me smirk. "And what time do you call this?" mrs evans half shouted. "Erm, well theres a clock up there" i smirked whilst pointing at the clock, everyone started laughing. "You young lady can go to detention" she shouted. I ignored her and went over to clara. "You aright babe?" i smiled. "Aha, i'm fine, but you won't be in a minute, i mean the teacher looks a bit angry" she laughed. "Look who it is, it's only harry and louis, you both alright sexy?" i smirked at them. Just before they could answer i got dragged away. "Clara, see you next lesson then" i laughed, she put her thumb up to me and i saw louis and harry both bite their lips,how i love teasing them..can't wait to break them like they broke me!. "Now you can go to detention..NOW" i looked at her and smiled. "yes miss" i faked a puppy eye look and walked down the corridor where the detention room was. I walked in and everyone whistled at me, there were no girls whatsoever just boys.."TAKE THE GLASSES OFF" the teacher shouted. "Woah..alright, alright" i took my glasses off and looked back to the teacher. "Now, go and sit..erm.." he looked around the classroom. "Next to zayn" i looked around and saw zayn, i walked over to him and smiled. "You alright babe?" i winked, wait, i swear he just blushed.."Yeah babe, you alright?" "I'm good" "NO TALKING" i laughed at the teachers intentions on shouting and scaring us, it wasn't working at all. "So beautiful, wanna come to my party tonight?everyone's coming and it wouldn't be a party without and gorgeous lady like you there now, would it?" a boy asked in front, he was actually really good looking. I looked down and saw zayn's first clench, was this making him angry of something?.."I'll be there" i smiled at the boy, he licked his lips at me then turned around. "result" i whispered to myself. Zayn's hands were still clenched, i looked at his face, he looked quite angry, but why?..I decided to put my hand on his thigh and begin to rub up and down his thigh. He looked at me in confusion. "W-what are you doing?" he stuttered, almost like he was scared or something. "Well, zayn, you clenched your fists..i new comforting you would make you relax" "And you think you know everything about me now?pft, look at you, you act like you know everything about me, but you don't" he spat. "You know what zayn, you're just like those other idiotic friends of yours, look at you? you and your 'mates' bullied me for 2 years, do you know how that made me feel about myself?no you didn't, i was being nice to you and you just act moody about it..jerk" i spat and stood up. "Wait i didn't-" "yes you did, or you wouldn't have said it" i looked at him up and down in disgust. "Miss Saunders, where do you think you're going?" "I'm going to release some anger out, why do you want me to do it in here?" i looked at him in anger. "Fine, but you have 10 minutes" he hissed, i walked out of the school and round to the back of the canteen where i sat on the floor against the wall. I placed a cigarette in my mouth and lit it up, who does zayn think he is..prick, he doesn't know how much i hate them, the sooner they all begin to like me, the easier it will be for me to break their hearts like they did to me.

"Whats up?" i heard a voice, i turned to see a boy i have never actually seen before..He was hot! "Well if you have all day i might just tell you" i smirked, he laughed and sat next to me, he got out a cigarette and lit it. "So long story short?" he smiled. "Basically 5 boys use to bully me for 2 years, last weekend my friend came back and helped me change into a new person, someone who's not scared, and here i am, and basically the boys who bullied me don't bully me now i looked like this and not the nerdy girl i use to be so blah blah, basically i want to hurt them like they hurt me" i smiled. He placed his hand on my thigh and smiled. "Well, if ever you need a hand" "Why did i just tell you all of that when i have only just met you?" I asked curiously. "Must be my gorgeous looks" We both burst out laughing. "Well yeah must of been" "By the way, i'm Jake" "And i'm esme" we both shook hands and laughed. "he's hot" he smirked whilst looking at some boy walk past on the side walk.."Wait Jake, are you gay?" i asked suspicious..not meaning to be rude. "Of course babe, boys are gorgeous, what can i say" he laughed. "Well I've always wanted a gay best friend you know" i winked. "I'd love to be that gay best friend" we both threw our fags on the floor and hooked arms whilst walking back into school. "Good, now come on best friend lets go" i winked whilst we walked towards the detention room. I opened the door and saw zayn look at me and half smile i ignored him. "See you late babe, meet me at lunch or something?" i winked at Jake. "Yeah will do" we hugged each other and then i walked back into the detention room to sit down but the bell went. "esme, stay here for 15 more minutes" he ordered, i sighed and sat back down. zayn walked past me and put his hand on my arm but i shook it off..


I sat at the canteen table drinking some of my Pepsi whilst Jake and clara are talking about what they both look for in a boy. "Oh clara, Jake, some boy invited me to a party tonight, wanna come?" They both smiled and nodded. "Better be hot boys there" Jake laughed. We both agreed. I saw niall,louis,harry,liam and zayn walk into the canteen, some girls were pretending to play with bits on their hair to impress the boys but they didn't really pay attention..I hated the attention they got. I stood up and everyone looked at me, yes that's right, since I've become a new person 'I've been getting a lot of attention from people at school. I walked over to the women behind the table of food and got a cookie. I walked back to the table where Jake and clara sat and smiled at them whilst biting some of my cookie. "How do you kiss boys though?do you use tongues or not?" Jake asked clara, i couldn't help but laugh. "I use tongues" i smirked. "I've never kissed someone who has done tongues before" jake frowned, then i had an idea which would wind the boys up.."Jake, shall i kiss you?they you will know what its like to get tongued" i smirked. Clara laughed. "Yeah" he smiled and stood up. I stood up and walked by him, i saw a few people staring at us already. I snaked my hands around his neck and he held my hips. Now, just kiss me normally" i smirked whilst whispering in his ear. We both leaned in and kissed, it felt weird kissing a gay person..I slipped my tongue inside of him and we heard a load of whistles around us. When we stopped kissing we both laughed at each other and hugged. "Feels..pretty nice" he smoke i laughed at him and saw the 5 boys staring at me in shock, they all looked a bit jealous. I decided to walk over to their table and sit down. "You guys alright?" i smiled. They all smirked at me. "So are you like giving it out to anyone now?" harry winked. I found it offensive but i shook it off. "Well not really, that was my gay friend, he just wanted to find something out that's all" i laughed, they all laughed. Zayn didn't take his eye's off me, i still haven't spoke to hi since out little argument. "Still coming to my party later beautiful?" the boy asked me. "Yeah, what's your name  again?" i smirked. "Matt" he winked. "Alright matt, whats your address, i'll definitely be there" he gave me his address then hugged me, he seemed alright accept he was really flirty. "So will i see any of you guys at matts party?" i asked the boys.."Yeah" they all spoke, accept zayn, i decided to place my hand on his hand under the table, this time he didn't flip out, but he did move my hand from his. I looked at me weirdly but then felt his hand move onto my thigh. The guys were talking about some game in rugby they would be playing next week. Whilst zayn's hand traveled up towards the top of my pants. He was about to move his hand down but i stopped him my stomping on his foot signalling him to stop, i can't let him do this, i'm meant to be hurting them not falling for one of them..I looked at the boys and noticed they weren't paying attention so i quickly wrote down a message on a piece of paper and gave it to zayn under the table before leaving and going to sit back with clara and Jake.


I looked in my mirror and did a little pout. I wore a leather crop top, some leather high wasted shorts to match, some boot high heels, some silver dangled earrings and some dark plum lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and foundation, i kinda looked like a slut..My hair was straight as well. my mum and dad were out for a meal and my brother was at my nans so luckily they won't see me like this..I heard the door knock, i walked downstairs and opened the door to see clara and jake. "Hey guys" "wow, you look beautiful babe" they both spoke. I smiled and hugged them "So do you two!" clara wore a really short dress and heels and jake wore black skinny's and a black polo shirt. We got into Jake's car and he started to drive to the party. 

Once we got there we went straight to the kitchen where the booze was, most people got a glass then poured the drink in but instead i grabbed a bottle of vodka and started to drink from it. I took a huge gulp before jake stopped me. "Slow down babe" clara laughed, she knew what i was like when i was drunk from last week at the club. "Jake loosen up." "Well remember we have school tomorrow" he smirked. "Oh well" i laughed and carried on drinking from the vodka bottle. 

I felt dizzy and definitely drunk from the amount of vodka i had. I looked to see clara and jake weren't next to me so i walked around the house. Everyone was talking, hardly anyone was dancing, the music was shit, i mean what kind of party is this. I looked through the Cd's and found a clubland remix one, i turned it on and turned it up full blast. "EVERYONE, THIS IS A FUCKING PARTY NOT AN OLD PEOPLES HOME" i shouted, everyone whistled and laughed whilst i stood on the table in the lounge dancing. "WOOOOOOO" 

I drunk some more drink and felt someone's hands behind me. I looked and saw harry smirking at me.."H-ello"  smirked. "Hey" I then felt something about to come up my throat, i ran out of the room and straight into the back garden and vomited in a bush, i felt someone rubbing my back and holding my hair back whilst i carried on being sick, once i stopped being sick i turned around to see who was helping me..it was zayn. "T-thank you z-zayn" i smiled and hugged him. "Come on" he grabbed my arm and took me into the kitchen. He passed me some water and i drank it all. "Zayn, why are you helping me? i was a bitch to you earlier?" He grabbed my hand and i felt butterflies, oh no.."I can't tell you, i'm sorry" he said whilst looking down. Why can't he?what is he hiding from me that's so important.."And why not?" "Because i said so" he spoke. I pushed him away from me and walked out of the house, why does he have to be so nice then so pathetic..









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