Bullied to change

Esme Saunders gets bullied everyday at school, she get's abused, heart broken, anything you can think of, she's been the victim of west mount high school for 2 year's now, 5 boys known as zayn malik, harry styles, louis tomlinson,niall horan and liam payne are the ones who started it all off. One day after school esme explodes, she gets bullied so much she tries to change herself to fit in with everyone else, but what will happen after her huge change, what will her bully's think of her? will they carry on ruining her life or will they fall for the new esme.


15. Plans

"Es, babe, get up" i heard a shout, i decided to ignore it, i didn't want to get up, not even if it was school or not. "5 more minutes" "you said that 5 minutes ago" i opened my eyes to see louis, but what did he want? and wait, did he call me babe?.."What do you want louis? and wheres zayn?" "oh he's popped out to get something, and erm me and the boys are here and were bored so we wanted to hang out with you, now get up" he insisted, god these boys are so annoying. "But we have school don't we?" "no, we have 3 weeks off remember..it's half term babe" i smiled at the idea of all the days i can spend in bed. "Don't call me babe" i poked my tongue out at him and stood up. "Erm, esme" i furrowed my eyebrow before remembering i only had my bra and pants on, shit. "Omg, Lou get out!" i ordered, he smirked at me before leaving. I quickly got out one of zayn's really long shirts which came to my knees and tied my hair into a loose bun before walking downstairs. 

"Hey sleepyhead" i ignored them and walked straight to the kitchen and got out some orange juice. "Whats up?" i heard a voice behind me. I turned around and saw niall, he looked..cute? "Nothing niall, anyway what do you want?" "i was wondering if i could talk to you" i furrowed my eyebrows at him before patting the spare chair near me. "What do you want to talk to me about then niall?" I was quite confused why these boys always come to me to talk, i mean this time last month they bullied the shit out of me.."Well, there's this girl i like, and well she's got a boyfriend already and i really wish i didn't like her but i do and i don't know what to do" "May i ask who this girl is?" "Clara" i looked at him wide eyed. "Niall, she hasn't got a boyfriend" "what? who's that guy  she's always with then?" "oh that's jake, he's gay" Niall sighed in relief. "But, how do i talk to her? i mean the other guys find it easy to talk to girls but me? i honestly dont" he blushed. "Niall, trust me, i'll help you okay?she's my best mate, i know more about her than anyone" i smiled, he hugged me before we were interrupted by harry. He looked at us then carried on getting a drink from the fridge, jeez whats his problem?.."Let's go into the lounge" i followed niall into the lounge where louis was there smirking at me. "louis, stop smirking at me" "I'm sorry, i just think you look better with out your clothes" he winked. "arse hole" i muttered under my breath but loud enough for him to hear.

I looked over at harry but he didn't look at me or even tease me as he usually does on a daily basis. He looked kind of..sad. I chose to not say anything case he gets mad. "So.." i spoke hoping someone would save me from the awkwardness. "Lets play dares" louis smirked. "No way lou, you only wanna play it so you can kiss esme" liam laughed. "Oh please, i have a boyfriend" i poked my tongue out making them all laugh. "IM HOME" i heard a shout, i ran to the door to see zayn i hugged him tightly. "Woah, whats happened? you guys haven't been torturing her have you?" he laughed, i poked his cheek and walked back to the couch where i lay down. "No but it's boring without you" he smirked and sat down next to me whilst i placed my feet on his lap. "So why do you seem so smiley?" liam asked zayn. "Well.." "zayn, i'm not a very patient person, so come on tell us" i begged pulling a sad face. "I've booked us all a holiday, we leave tomorrow, its for 2 weeks as we have 3 weeks off so yeah" he explained with a huge grin on him face. I smiled widely whilst hugging him. "Yay" "Wait, what do you mean 'us all' niall asked. "Me, es, harry,liam,niall,louis,clara and delaney, i figured liam would want his girl to come and clara is esme's bestfriend, we can't miss her out" I kissed him hard on the lips. "Thank you babe, you are amazing!" he smiled whilst kissing me again. "Bro, you are literally the best" liam hugged zayn and so did lou and niall. Harry didn't seem really interested. "Haz, you alright?" zayn asked. "Yeah man, just a bit tired thats all, but thanks bro, cant wait" he smiled, well it was obviously a fake smile. Niall smiled hugely, i winked at him, maybe i could set niall and clara up together when we are on holiday. "So, where are we going?" lou asked. "Cyprus" zayn smiled. We all looked at him and smiled widely. I've heard all about Cyprus, its amazing apparently and spending it with my bestfriends and my boyfriend is going to be great, i'm not really close to the boys so hopefully i see the better in them and we make great friends. I got my phone out and text clara straight away. 

'babe, guess what?????' I waited about 2 minutes before i got a text back.. 'Omg what??x' i smiled whilst texting her back, i knew she would scream with happiness, she loved holidays more than christmas.. 'Zayn has booked a holiday for us all to go to cyprus for 2 weeks babes!! and you're coming:))) x' I put my phone on the table before hearing it ring. "hello?".."OMG OMG OMG I LOVE YOUR BOYFRIEND" i heard clara scream down the phone, the boys looked at me in shock, i think they heard. "Oi miss, hands off he's mine" i smirked whilst winking at zayn. "I can't believe it, this is going to be the most kick ass holiday ever!! its gonna be like when we were little with our families, omg es, when do we leave?" "tomorrow morning, and omg i know".."right, i have to go but ahhh, text me the details later, loves ya, and tell zayn hes a fucking legend" i laughed at her words. "alright, love ya too, haha" i put the phone down and into my pocket. 

"Who was that and who said they love me?" zayn smirked. "Oh, it was clara, she said you're a fucking legend" he laughed as he pulled me so i was sat on top of him. 

"Zayn, come on!!" "what?where are we going?" "we need to pack, come on!" i grabbed his arms as we went upstairs. 

Harry's POV

I can't stand this anymore, i can't believe i have been so stupid, i have grown feelings for esme, my bestfriend's girlfriend, and no matter how hard i try, i just can't stop thinking about her, i guess i'm happy about the holiday but it's going to kill me seeing es and zayn all lovey dovey together and seeing her in a bikini on the beach, god how am i going to cope with that?..I remember when i took her virginity from her, she was amazing even though it was her first time, god i need to tell her how i feel, but how? she'll tell zayn and i can't lose my best friend, ugh

Liam's POV

I walked into my apartment, yeah i have my own apartment, all of us boys do, my parents were nagging all the time so i got my own apartment, i'm 18, i'm old enough. I saw delaney sitting on the couch watching t'v, god she looked perfect, she always looks so perfect even when she wakes up in the morning she looks beautiful, i must say, i'm a lucky guy. "Hello beautiful" i smiled whilst kissing her neck. "Hello handsome, why so chirpy?" she giggled, how i loved her giggle. "Zayn's brought us all tickets for a two week holiday in Cyprus" i smiled widely. After explaining it all to her and packing all of our things, by the way, she was over the moon about the idea and couldn't wait. We lay next to each other on the bed. "You know, we still have some spare time left" i winked at her. she smiled and bit her lip driving me insane. I climbed on top of her and started to kiss her neck making her release small moans. i lifted her top over her head whilst she un buttoned my shirt. Once we undressed each other i thrust hard into her making her scream in pleasure, i smiled against her skin as i bent down to kiss her, we searched each others mouths with our tongues and i licked the bottom of her lip making her moan. she traced circles around my perfectly shaped hair and started to growl in my ear making me laugh. "God you drive me insane" i whispered into her ear seductively. "As do you Mr payn" she smiled showing off her small dimples.


Esme's POV

We sat in he airport with out luggage waiting for our flight to be called when niall came over with tons of food in his hands. "Omg niall, give us some" i moaned. "n-o spells no" he smirked. I faked a sad face and he gave me some. Ha i knew i'd get some. I started to eat some chocolate and crisps before our flight was called out. "Flight 302 will be boarding now, i repeat, flight 302 will be boarding" we all smiled and made our way to the plane. Once we got on i sat next to zayn, louis sat with harry, delaney sat next to liam behind me and zayn and in front of us were niall and clara, erm, i bet niall's happy he's next to clara, i smirked to myself when i felt a hit on my shoulder, i looked to the right to see zayn was fast asleep against my shoulder, oh great, we have only just came on the plane and he's already asleep. Well this should be a boring flight. Cyprus here we come. 











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