Bullied to change

Esme Saunders gets bullied everyday at school, she get's abused, heart broken, anything you can think of, she's been the victim of west mount high school for 2 year's now, 5 boys known as zayn malik, harry styles, louis tomlinson,niall horan and liam payne are the ones who started it all off. One day after school esme explodes, she gets bullied so much she tries to change herself to fit in with everyone else, but what will happen after her huge change, what will her bully's think of her? will they carry on ruining her life or will they fall for the new esme.


14. lonely

I woke up in a strange surrounding. I got out of bed to find i was only in my pants and bra, and this was defiantly not the spare room at zayn's place. I couldn't remember who's house this was or when i arrived, i was too drunk last night to remember, but i couldn't forget zayn breaking my heart by cheating on me. A tear left my eye as i remembered the moment when i caught him snogging her face off. I wiped the tear away and walking towards the closet that was in the room. I looked through it to see some long shirts, was i at a man's house? oh fuck! i grabbed one of the shirts and put it over me before walking downstairs. "H-hello?" i called out, hoping no one was here, but then again why wouldn't they be?.."Hello sleeping beauty" i heard a familiar voice, i walked into the kitchen to see harry with a smirk on his face. I suddenly remembered getting into harry's car last night and asking if i could stay at his place because i didn't wanna stay at zayn's. "Oh fuck, why did i stay here out of all places?" i moaned quietly. "Well you tell me" harry laughed, shit he must of heard. "Anyway, want some breakfast?" he asked nicely. "Erm, yes please" i tried to smile but i just couldn't. I sat on the chair as harry but some breakfast in front of me and a drink of apple juice. "So, what are you going to do about zayn?" "well i'm not even going to bother speaking to him, i can't believe i fell for him" i pushed the breakfast away from me. "I can't even eat without thinking about him" i sighed. "Well, you got me babe" harry winked. I rolled my eyes and face planted the desk. "I have no clothes to wear for school today and i'm already late for school" i sighed. "You can wear one of my sweaters if you want and some of my skinny jeans as they are girls jeans anyway", i looked up at him. "Why have you got girls skinny jeans?" "because they're tighter than boys ones and i like them" he smirked. "Well thanks harry, i guess i'll go get ready then" "Okay, just go in my room and pick out something to wear" he smiled whilst i made my way to his room. 


I walked into my first class which i was about half an hour late thanks to my hangover and harry of course. Girls looked at me with deadly eyes, but why?, i guess time will tell. I walked over to my seat hoping the teacher wouldn't catch me being late as he was still writing on the board. "Why so late miss saunders?" he shouted, oh great. "Sorry sir, over slept" He rolled his eyes at me before carrying on. I sat at the very back seat and slouched down. "Why is everyone staring?" i muttered to myself as the girls kept death staring me. "Because you are wearing harry styles clothes and they are jealous" i heard a voice whisper,i looked to my side and saw delaney. "Oh hey delaney, didn't see you there, and how do they know these are harry's clothes?" "Because no one else has that shirt because it's specially made and has harry's initials on the arm" she pointed. I looked at the sleeve and sighed. Great. "anyway, why are you wearing harry's clothes?" she gave me a suspicious glare. "I stayed at his last night" she gasped. "why?" "because i caught zayn kissing another girl in bed at Clara's party last night and i didn't know where else to go so harry let me stay in his spare bedroom" She looked at me with her mouth wide open. "Seriously? that arse hole cheated on you?" "yes" i spoke as a tear left my eye, i quickly wiped it away. 

The lesson dragged on but once it finished i decided to go outside, i needed some fresh air. i sat on the floor leaning against the back of the canteen whilst i saw someone walk towards me. he had a fag in his hand about to light it, i couldn't help but stare at him, he was beautiful but nothing compared to zayn. "Want one?"he asked. "Yeah please" he handed me a fag as he lit it for me, i placed it in between my lips and took my first puff, it felt so good. "So why are you out here?" "i just needed some fresh air, you know? i caught my boyfriend cheating on my yesterday and i'm just not the happiest person right now" i explained.."Oh, he must be crazy if he cheated on a gorgeous girl like you" i blushed at his comment. "Now, i'm joey" he said placing his hand out. I took is and shook hands with him. "I'm esme" "What a beautiful name to go with a beautiful girl" he smiled, i smiled and looked into his emerald eyes. "Wanna hang out at lunch?" he suggested. Should i? what would zayn think if i was with another boy, oh shut up inner voice. He hurt me, who cares what he thinks. "I'd like that" i smiled. "Okay meet me by your locker at lunch" he smiled. "Wait, do you know where my locker is?" "yeah, i see you like every morning" he smirked and then walked away. I was a bit shocked that i haven't seen him before, but i wasn't really interested in him in that way, i still loved zayn. I threw the cigarette on the floor and walked to my next lesson which was biology. I walked in and yet again everyone looked at me and harry's clothes i had on. they all probably think im a slut. I sat right at the back and saw that louis liam and..zayn, were in this lesson. "Why so late miss Saunders?" the teacher asked. "Oh, something came up" i spoke. she rolled her eyes just like always and carried on.  Zayn looked at me and then the top i had on, he looked so angry but i ignored him. "Es, why do you have harry's clothes on?" louis smirked. "Did you go for round two?" I looked at me in disbelief. "Actually i stayed at his last night because he was actually the only one there when i found my so called boyfriend snogging the face off some blonde slut" i hissed, they both looked shocked. "And nothing happened actually" i spoke whilst turning around, zayn put his head on the desk and i swear i saw a tear.


I walked into the canteen with joey and we sat straight down, i saw zayn looking at me and then joey, he looked furious when he saw joey, i just ignored him and carried on talking to joey but then i saw a familiar face smirking at me, it was that blonde girl who zayn was snogging yesterday. I got up from my seat and walked over to her. "Esme, wait" i heard joey shout, everyone stared at us. "Oh hello dear esme" she smiled. "Cut the crap!" she smirked at me. "Do you find all of this funny? i have lost the boy i love because of you, because you were all over him and now you are smirking.." i spat, i looked to see zayn coming this way. "Es, can we talk?" "zayn just leave me alone, this is all your fault, and that slut's fault" i spat whilst pointing to the girl. "What did you just call me?" Just before i was about to answer joey pulled me away from them all. "Joey, what do you think you're doing?" "stopping you from getting hurt" he spoke, i looked up into his eyes and a tear left my eye. "I just thought he was different" i sobbed, he embraced me with a hug as i cried into his chest. I felt everyone staring at us but even if they were i didn't care.


I walked into zayn's apartment and ran straight to the spare bedroom I've been sleeping in these past few weeks and constantly cried. I've had the worst day ever and now being in the same house as zayn isn't going to help. I heard a knock on the bedroom door but i ignored it. The door opened but i ignored it, i couldn't talk through the tears. "Esme, i need to talk to you, just please let me explain" i looked up at zayn and wiped my eyes. "Go a head, but you still kissed her zayn" "just listen to me..she pulled me away from you in the kitchen and said she needed to tell me something, i've never even seen her before, yesterday was the first time, i told her that i needed to go down and see you because i only went to the party to have fun with you and as i was gonna leave she pushed me onto the bed and jumped on top of me, i tried getting her off but she kissed me , i closed my mouth so she couldn't kiss me properly and you walked in, i would never cheat on you es, i love you" I placed my hand on his cheek, the thing is, i believed him, i knew he wasn't lying. "I'm sorry zayn" i looked down but he lifted my chin up. "Just promise me we won't let anyone come between us again?" "i promise zayn" he lean't down and kissed me. Why does everyone really want to ruin our relationship?










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