Bullied to change

Esme Saunders gets bullied everyday at school, she get's abused, heart broken, anything you can think of, she's been the victim of west mount high school for 2 year's now, 5 boys known as zayn malik, harry styles, louis tomlinson,niall horan and liam payne are the ones who started it all off. One day after school esme explodes, she gets bullied so much she tries to change herself to fit in with everyone else, but what will happen after her huge change, what will her bully's think of her? will they carry on ruining her life or will they fall for the new esme.


20. lonely walks

I sat on the couch in mine and zayn's apartment watching chick flicks alone, this is what my life has consisted of since we came back off holiday, zayn has been out mostly all the time with the boys whilst i can't go out because they are all being too over protective and i hate it, i'm only 3 months gone, i'm capable of doing things still..I felt my phone vibrate against my bare leg, i looked to find a text from zayn. 'i'll be home a bit late tonight baby, me and the guys are going to this place, i love you loads x' I rolled my eyes and threw the phone on the coffee table. That's the 3rd time this week he's text me the same thing. I walked into mine and zayn's bedroom and looked through the closet. I threw on some jeans, ankle boots a top and a long coat and left my hair fall into its natural waves. I am not staying in another night whilst everyone else goes out having fun. i decided to leave my phone on the table and walked out of the apartment.

Zayn's POV

Me and the boys were hanging out at niall's place planning things for the baby, i made some lame excuse up so esme doesn't expect anything, she is going to love this. "So how is esme anyway?" Lucy asked, she and harry were cuddled up on the couch. "Oh she's at home watching t.v, she's really good" i smiled, we had magazines and everything on the table picking out baby things, i can not wait until my baby comes into this world.

Esme's POV 

I walked across the path way of the dark streets with my head down, it was nice to finally leave the house without anyone worrying. I saw a bar across the street that caught my eye, it was really bright and the lights were beautiful. I walked across the road whilst trying my hardest to dodge the cars and i entered the club. Music was pumping, the air lingered with alcohol but it smelt good, really good. I sat on a stool at the bar whilst leaning my head on my hand. "Can i help you gorgeous?" i heard a sharp husky voice ask. I looked up to see a man, he was attractive, but nothing compared to zayn. "Can i have an orange juice please" i half smiled. He cocked his eyebrows before opening his mouth to speak. "you look like the kinda girl who likes a proper drink.." i looked at him blankly "whats that suppose to mean?" i spat. He put his hands up like he was surrendering. "No no, i don't mean it like that, i'm sorry if-" "no, i'm sorry, i'm just stressed out that's all, and i cant drink, i would love to but i'm pregnant" he looked at me and his eyes got wider. "Well your boyfriend's lucky" i half smiled and started to sip on the orange juice. "Hello beautiful" i heard a voice behind me, i felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist, i turned around and my eyes widened. "What the fuck are you doing." "Es, what are you doing here?" he slurred. "louis, why do you care?!" he sat down on the bar stool next to me and looked furious. "Why are you so stubborn? we all care about you esme, put all the bullying shit behind you, its in the past, and you should be at home, not here, you're pregnant!" he half shouted over the music. "YES, i'm fucking pregnant, but only 3 months pregnant, i've rarely got a bump, i can still do things i'm not a fucking baby" i half shouted back. Just as he was about to speak i walked away from him and ran out of the club hoping louis wouldn't follow me. Iv'e had enough of them all being so demanding and controlling.

Zayn's POV

I looked around the house with the guys worrying about esme When my phone suddenly began to rang, it was louis. "What louis??" i heard loud music in the background, i bet he's drunk. "It's esme" he slurred but i could just about understand him. "What about her lou?" "she was just at this club and i tried speaking to her and she just ran away from me, dude she seems pissed off" i ended the call and told the guys what lou told me, why would she be at a club, what if she drank? oh no.

Esme's POV

I walked through mine and zayn's apartment door to see everyone with worried faces. "Fucking hell it's cold out there" i shivered. They all stared at me in shock..wtf. "Where the hell have you been> lou told me you were in some club? have you been drinking? i hope n-" "zayn, shut the fuck up, stop acting like my parents, actually can you all stop acting like my parents, i'm fucking pregnant by 3 months, which is hardly anything and you guys are treating me like a baby" "esme, calm down" lucy and clara tried to calm me down and so did delaney but i felt so upset, tears started to fall from my face making my vision blur. "Baby, i'm sorry, i'm so sorry" zayn spoke. "Please just all give me some alone time, please" i sobbed whilst walking to the bedroom. They don't know what it feels like to get left at home whilst they party and have fun. 

After a few minutes i heard a door open, i looked up from the bed and saw zayn, then put my head back down. I felt him place his arms around my waist, i was about to push him away but i don't need anymore arguments tonight. "Es, you don't get it, we aren't leaving you out or anything" he whispered into my ear. I turned in the bed to face him. "Then what are you doing zayn? do you know how horrible it is to be left at home all the time whilst your bestfriends and boyfriend are all out having fun, i thought having this baby would change things, make everything better but it's not" "i weren't meant to tell you but i don't want you to feel alone" i cocked my eyebrows at him before he started to speak again. "we've been shopping for the baby and planning everything, we wanted you to relax" i half smiled at him. "zayn, all i want is you to be by my side" he lean't down and kissed me. "i will, i promise"



sorry its kinda rubbish guys but i needed to update but ill update more tomorrow, ly all x x







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