Bullied to change

Esme Saunders gets bullied everyday at school, she get's abused, heart broken, anything you can think of, she's been the victim of west mount high school for 2 year's now, 5 boys known as zayn malik, harry styles, louis tomlinson,niall horan and liam payne are the ones who started it all off. One day after school esme explodes, she gets bullied so much she tries to change herself to fit in with everyone else, but what will happen after her huge change, what will her bully's think of her? will they carry on ruining her life or will they fall for the new esme.


4. Heart broken

I walked out of the car and waved bye to my mum and brother and felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, i took my glasses off and wiped them so they weren't foggy. 'hey es, shopping tomorrow:) can't wait to see you!! i'll meet you at the small coffee shop in town at about 11?ly x' i smiled at the text and text her straight away. 'sounds good, cant wait lyt x' i turned my phone off before putting it back into my pocket. I walked to my first lesson which was maths and saw zayn, liam and niall, they all smirked at me and i just half smiled, my legs and body were aching from my little experience i had with harry yesterday..I sat down in my seat and got my book out. "Psst, esme" i heard a whisper, i turned around to see niall trying to get my attention. "Yes niall?" i smiled. "Meet us behind the canteen building at lunch, we want to show you something" he said with a huge grin on his face.."sure" "Miss Saunders, stop talking" the teacher spoke, i put my head down in shame and carried on working. 


I walked to outside and straight to the back on the canteen to see the boys waiting for me with smirks on their faces. I walked over to them and smiled but got pushed against the brick wall by harry. "W-whats going on?" i stuttered. "You really think we like you dont you?..well we don't, who would like a pathetic ugly girl like you" louis spat, the boys laughed at me. I looked at them confused. "Don't you see? we used you, we wanted to get respect from you then break your heart after, and by the looks of it it's worked, you really think we would ever be nice to you..ha" liam half shouted, a tear left my eye followed by plenty more, so they were lying this whole time? they made up the story about the boy making them bully me, they just wanted to break me from the start.. "You're pathetic" i spat, they looked at me angrily, i looked down in ashame and felt them punching me in the stomach. I dropped down to the floor and felt one of them spit on me. "You're a little cheap slut" harry shouted then they walked away. I hid my face in between my legs and cried my eye's out, how was i so stupid to think they would ever be nice to a girl like me? i'm a nerd, a goody two shoes, they would never be nice to me..I cried even more thinking about the other night when harry took my virginity, i can't believe iv'e been so stupid. I started to bang my head on the brick wall behind me until i felt my phone buzz repeatedly. I got it out and answered it. "Hello?".."Hey esme, it's clara, i just wanted to say that i'm at my aunties house finally".."O-okay thats g-good then" i sobbed. "Omg whats wrong esme?!" she half shouted down the phone. "I'll explain everything tomorrow okay?" "okay, well i must go bye es, love ya" "love ya too" and with that i put the phone down. I looked around in my bag and pulled out a hoodie, i slipped it on over my head hiding my face and ran out of the school, no way i'm going back in school..no today anyway.

Zayn's POV

The boys were in fits of laughter around the table. "That was so funny" i joked, it wasn't funny at all, her face when the guys punched her, i didn't hit her once, i never have, i wouldn't hurt a girl, i'd shout at a girl with them but i would never hit a girl, it's wrong. "I nearly died, it was hard being nice to her for a whole week god I've missed seeing her cry" they laughed, i clenched my fists under the table and faked a laughter..I hope she's okay..


Esme's POV

I saw an old park, no one was in sight, i walked through the park and sat behind a huge tree where no one would find me. I'm so stupid to believe they would stop bullying me like that, they're the most horrid boys i have met in my entire life. I looked at the people walking by with happy smiles and a tear escaped my eye, why can't i be happy like that?why can't i be more confident with myself..Maybe Clara will help me, she use to always protect me at school. "Esme?" i heard a voice behind me. "Mum?" "whats wrong esme how come you aren't at school?" "oh, we got let out earlier so i came here for some alone time why are you here?" i asked curious, just when i thought no one would disturb me or even see me. "Oh, i always bring your brother here" she said proudly. "Oh" i got up off the floor and went over to my brother, we don't talk much but if we do it's only arguing about silly things. "You okay kieran?" i half smiled. "Yeah, esme look how high im going" he grinned whilst swinging high on the swings. "Wow" i said as if i was interested but i really wasn't. "Come on kieran, we're leaving now, do you want a lift home with us darling?" "Yeah" I faked a smile whilst getting into the car. Once i mum got in she put the radio on loud, she wasn't like most mums she liked entertaining people, she always entertained me when im sad that's why i try to fake a smile around her because it gets annoying after a while. "TURN UP THE MUSIC CUZ THE SONG JUST CAME ON,DUN DUN DUN DUN" she sang, well if you call screaming singing..My brother laughed at her which made my mum carry on singing, i just plugged my earphones in and entered my own world.

I unplugged my earphones when i realized we were home, i ran straight out the car and up to my room. I got dressed into some shorts and a long top and tied my hair into a neat bun, that's the thing i like being neat..I got my diary out and started to write in it.

'Dear diary

The boys planned it all!! they made a plan and lied to me about the whole 'getting forced to bully' story, they confronted me at lunch and beat me up against a wall, i really thought they liked me, i actually did and the worst thing was i made out with zayn at niall's house as a dare and lost my virginity to harry in the back of his car, i didn't expect any one it to happen, because i was to stupid to realize non of it was real, they faked it all just to break my heart, and they succeeded, I've never been this broke in my life, and now i don't think i want to even go back to school..' a few tears dropped onto my diary making the ink of my pen smudge, i ignored it and put the diary under my bed. Maybe a little nap would help?..I got into my bed and just wanted it to eat me up, as if it could protect me from my bully's. I took my glasses off and placed them on my night stand before closing my eye's.


I woke up to the sun light shining in my eye's. "Urgh" i got out of bed and checked my phone.. 10am' what? i've been asleep for like 18 hours..I ran to the bathroom and got into the shower. "HURRY UP IN THERE" i heard my dad shout from outside the door. "Hang on dad" i moaned. Once i was done washing i brushed my teeth and ran into my room before my dad or anyone saw me in just my towel, ho embarrassing would that be?..Wait, i have 40 mins left until i meet clara..I dried myself and quickly slipped on some blue skinny jeans, a black nitted jumper with a fox on, some white converse, a beanie and my glasses. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=106652429 didn't really wear makeup so i just grabbed my phone and small black bag and ran downstairs. I was looking forward to spending the weekend shopping with Clara but not as excited as i was when the boys were being nice to me.."I made you some pancakes darling and there's some orange juice on the table" my mum smiled. I half smiled at her and started to eat my pancakes. "How much money do you need darling?" my mum asked. "Erm, i don't know mum, we're going clothes shopping.." "Here" she handed me 200 pound. "Mum are you sure?" i half smiled. "Yeah, have a nice day with Clara" she smiled, "Thanks mum" i half smiled again before walking out of the front door.

I walked towards the small coffee shop and saw liam and louis outside a shop smoking together, i ducked my head and tried to avoid them, luckily they didn't see me. "OMG ESME" i heard a shout, i flinched for a second and thought it was the boys but when i looked up i saw her.."CLARA" i shouted and hugged her tightly. "why do you look really fed up?" she asked concerned "Let's order a coffee and i'll tell you everything. We walked into the small coffee shop and saw a women grinning at us at the counter. "How can i help you both?" "Can we have 2 coffee's please" Clara asked. she nodded at us and started to make the drinks.

"Here you go ladies" the women handed us our drinks and we gave her some money before thanking her. "Come on" clara dragged me to the back of the coffee shop where a small table was. we both sat down opposite each other and i explained everything to her, about the boys bullying me, everything about this week. "Who would do that? babe, trust me, there's only one thing you can do to stop it.." "and whats that clar?" "Change.." i looked at her confused.."What do you mean?" "Well, they bully you because you are a nerd right?..then you need to change, your style, attitude, everything, and i can help" she smiled. "Are you sure it will work? i mean, i don't have any confidence in myself so how am i going to do this?" "Don't worry, you got 2 days until school, thats enough time for me to make you into a new person" she hugged me tightly. "I-i cant breathe" i stuttered, she laughed whilst taking a sip of her coffee. "I hope this works" "es, it will work, i promise you, we need to get you some sexy new clothes, and contacts" i don't like the sound of any of this..

Once we were done with our drinks clara dragged me out of the shop. "Hey there's the slut" i heard a voice, me and clara both turned around and saw liam and louis. Oh no. "are they part of the gang?" clara asked.."Y-yeah" i started to shake a bit. Clara began to walk up to them making me get worried. "Who the fuck do you two think you are, grow some fucking balls and stop picking on my best friend, you knob heads" she half shouted. "And who are you?" louis smirked. "I'm your worst night mare" clara spat and kicked them both in the balls one after the other. "Omg clara" i hugged her tightly with a smirk on my face, i cant believe she did that.."And i'm going to learn you to stand up for yourself as well" she muttered to me, i just half smiled and we carried on walking to some shops. She dragged me into a shop full of girly clothes. She grabbed some really short shorts, really tight skinny jeans, some crop tops, sun glasses, makeup, shoes and eye contacts. "Woah clar" i looked at her in shock.."Well, you need a new wardrobe if you want to change babe" she smirked. I just nodded at her and let her choose everything. Once i paid for the things that clara picked out for me we walked out the shop and entered another shop. "Clara, w-what are we doing in here?" i stuttered, it wasn't a clothes shop this time..it was a piercing shop. "I wanna get my tongue done" she smiled. i sighed in relief. "And you're gonna get your nose pierced, it will look nice, and hot!" she smirked. "No way" "Please, do it for me, it will suit you" "Fine".. she always new how to persuade me, with her puppy dog eyes. We walked up the stairs and waited on the chairs. "Im scared" "Don't be scared es, it won't hurt" I looked at her nose piercing and smiled, maybe it would look good on me.."Next" the man called out. We both walked in and explained what piercings we wanted. He did Clara's first. I was surprised because she stayed really calm. It made me cringe. "Didn't that hurt?" "No, it was quick and simple" she winked, thats what i loved about her, she was so confident in herself and had high self-esteem. "Now its your go" the man smiled. I began to worry a bit. i sat on the chair and watched him get a gun out. "Now, stay very still" I did as he said and he placed the gun in my nose. He heard it click and my eyes watered. "Is it done?" i asked worried, "Yeah, it looks good babe" clara smiled. I smiled in the mirror, it did look really good on me.. and it didn't even hurt. We paid the man and walked back downstairs and out the shop. "I can't believe i just had my nose done" "I can't believe it either" "Now, we will go back to your house, sort your stuff out then tonight i'm taking you to a club to work on your confidence, you need to be ready for Monday" she explained, i half smiled as we made our way back to my house, i hope this all works out because i'm changing everything about myself just so i won't be bullied anymore..

When we arrived back to my house i realized no one was home..luckily. We both walked into my room and placed the bags on the bed. "Now, it's time for your makeover" clara smirked. Goodbye old me i guess











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