Imagines... I take requests!! Give me a celeb, your name and what you'd like to happen and I'll write you one!! I do apologise if some are longer than others!! I don't know how many pages i write so I just write as much as I think is okay? If your not happy with what I've wrote please tell me so I can fix it!! I will do a maximum of 5 a night!!


2. Imagine... Meeting 5SOS

You walk into the concert and find your seats. You have backstage passes for afterwards! The 4 boys come on stage and perform! They are getting to their last few songs when there security guard comes and fetches you and your best friend! You follow him through the crowd and back stage! He tells you to wait in the boys dressing room and that they'd be there shortly! "Hey!! I'm sure you know us guys!!" Ashton says "umm yeah!! I'm (Y/N) and that's (Y/F/N)" you answer! "Well it's lovely to meet you girls!!" Michael smiles! You and (Y/F/N) speak with the boys for hours as if you've known them years! Through out that time you notice that Calum doesn't stop staring at you! "Umm girls? The boys have to go now! If you'd like to say your good byes and leave in the next 10 minutes!" The security guard says! "Oh okay? Well it was nice meeting you!" You say whilst picking up your signed items! You are just about to leave when Calum catches your arm "um (Y/N) would you like to...umm maybe go on a date sometime?" He nervously asks! You smile and nod! "Phew! I was nervous!! Umm here? My number! Text me when you get back! Night princess!!" He kisses your cheek and you walk home smiling! This was the best night of your life!!

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