My baby (luke brooks)

This is about a girl who is lost, she's come from England and has not had a good life! She just wants someone who could love her,she had suffered from depression and she cuts. Could Luke change all this or could he fail, read to find out.


3. you've been upgraded 👍

"Yes this is really good news babe." He said.

Wait what 'babe' really I hope this is good news. Oo I might be modelling for someone famous. No that wouldn't happen... I just wanna know what's happening.

" You've a been upgraded to go Australia, but that's only if you want to but don't forget this is up to your parents. If they say yes call me and we need to start getting you ready for you're flight." He said.

I'm not asking for my parents approval... No way, this is my choice and I'm doing this. I'm going to move out without my parents knowing, it's going to be hard but I will try my best.


When I got home I had an empty house, which has made me surprised? They have been out the whole day, well I'm going to get everything sorted.

I ran up stairs as fast as I can and got a suitcase, I got all the things I needed clothes, hair straighteners, curlers, tooth brushes, knickers and bras anything you name was in there. I put my spare tooth brush in a normal bag with my hair brush and my charger and I got everything and put it in the boot of my car. I text my boss.

To boss

From Brit

My parents said yes but is it alright if I stay with you until we go?

Buzz buzz

To Brit

From boss

That's grate! Erm yeh sure you can babe just don't do any drugs or sex in my home.....

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