My baby (luke brooks)

This is about a girl who is lost, she's come from England and has not had a good life! She just wants someone who could love her,she had suffered from depression and she cuts. Could Luke change all this or could he fail, read to find out.


1. who I am

My mum and dad are properly the worst parents ever, my dad abuses me all the time and my mum says really horrible thing to me. I have suffered with highly bad depression, when all this was starting I used to cut,well it's not really used to I still do now.

When I was younger my dad has raped me, my mum thought it would be funny and record it,at the time I was only eight. At eight years old I lost my vignette to the person I call "dad".

Well enough off the past let's talk about me and who I am and what I do. My name is Brittany but for short people call me Brit. I have blonde hair what reaches my hips,with lovely blue eyes. I work as modelling and I am a photographer.

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