My baby (luke brooks)

This is about a girl who is lost, she's come from England and has not had a good life! She just wants someone who could love her,she had suffered from depression and she cuts. Could Luke change all this or could he fail, read to find out.


4. This is happening

OMG I can't believe it me I'm upgrading I'm going to Australia. I've been wanting to go there since I was a little girl and my dreams are finally coming true!

See I'm a very unlucky person so when opperchunity's come I'm happy enough to take it. I just can't believe I will be on a plane to go to Australia this is so exciting! I just hope I all goes right.

Until I go to there Austin my boss said I can stay with him, he is so nice to me and I even think he is going to come with me and stay there for a while to make sure I've settled in.

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