My baby (luke brooks)

This is about a girl who is lost, she's come from England and has not had a good life! She just wants someone who could love her,she had suffered from depression and she cuts. Could Luke change all this or could he fail, read to find out.


2. chapter 1

While I was at home, everyone was out which was good. Beep beep. I looked at my phone it was my boss,wonder what he wants?

"Brit I've got good news get you're arse here now!"He said.

"Erm ok I'll be about ten minutes." I said.

I wonder what he want,why does he want me in straight away, am I going to get fired? I thought to my self.Brittany Smith,I am not going to get fired I haven't done anything wrong all I know this could be good news?

I finally got there, he looked quite happy so I knew this is going to be good news.Well that's what I really want right now.

"So Brit you're properly wondering why I wanted you in so quick?" He said.

"Yes I was wondering why you wanted me in so straight up, is thing going to be good news?"

If I get likes or comments I will do more of the story so yeh comment and like👍

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