The Fallen Angel (book one of the fallen series)

Jaycee Smith is a typical teenage girl on the outside. But on the inside she's immortal. Jaycee has no idea that she's immortal until she gets in a deadly car wreck and ends up in a special world for immortals. (No, Jaycee is not a werewolf,or a vampire...)


1. Chapter one

Jaycee's POV

"Jaycee! Guess what!!" My best friend Allison screams in my ear.

"Alli you don't need to scream I'm right here. And what happened?" I laughed.

"Sorry. And you have to guess!" She commands. Great.

"Umm six purple whales were walking and one fell over then it had a stroke and died." I guessed Winkwink.

"Haha very funny but no! I was in the mall and Carlos (most popular guy in school) came up to me and said ' Do you know where they moved Zumiez to?' And then I was like uhh yea they put Zumiez where Payless used to be." She screeches.

"Ooohhh your so lucky!" I said with sarcasm in my voice.

"That means he's into me right?" She questions.

"I don't know, maybe." I said.

"I hope so! Anyways I got to go to work. Bye Jaycee!"

"Okay bye!" I hollered back.

Allison and I have always been best friends, but were opposite in some ways. Like she has always attracted more guys than me. That is simply because she's way prettier... Allison has perfect blonde hair that goes to her shoulder blades, and piercing blue eyes. Now, I'm not saying I'm ugly but I'm just not as pretty as her. I have long medium brown hair that goes down to my lower back, and blueish green eyes.

You'd think I would be little miss perfect with how wealthy my family is but your wrong. I mean yea I'm spoiled and get almost everything I want but I don't rub it in peoples faces or anything like that. My family isn't like bathing in money but we have more than enough to get by. You see my mothers a lawyer and owns a reality business, and my father is a doctor.

After Allison's car was out of sight I hopped into my black VW bug and drove off to my house. As I pulled up the gatekeeper nodded her head at me for entrance. Yea I know she should already know my car and my face but she has to signal me to go in because it's her job. I pull through the gate and pulled into my parking spot. I took my keys out of the ignition and walked up to the door. I shoved my key into the lock and unlocked the door. I quickly typed in the code for the security alarm.

After turning off the alarm I ran up the stairs into my room. Our house was pretty big, but it wasn't gigantic. It had 3 master bedrooms that had bathrooms in it. 3 other rooms, a huge kitchen, two living rooms, a dining room, and a pool out back along with a basketball court. We also had a big room filled with spring boards for my gymnastics and cheerleading. Okay maybe our house is huge.

After I got up the never ending flight of stairs walked to my room and opened the door. My room was pretty big. I had the biggest room in the house. My walls were all different colors. One was hot pink, another was lime green, the third one is turquoise, and the last one is orange. I had everything I needed in my room so I rarely came out unless it was dinner time or I was out back.

I walked over to my Mac and logged into Facebook. I liked a few posts and then logged off. Then I skipped into my bathroom. I hopped in the shower and washed my hair and shaved my legs. I hopped out of the shower and got out my blowdryer and my straightener. After blowdrying my thick brown hair I straightened it. I then put away my blowdryer and my straightener and pulled out my makeup. I had a strange magic touch with fashion and makeup. I put on my makeup and then headed to my walk in closet. I pulled out my galaxy shirt that has an infinity sign on it along with my galaxy leggings and galaxy vans. My shirt and leggings were from Journeys and my vans were ordered online. I had to wear clothes from journey's cause that's where I work and where I was headed.

I was five minutes late to work because of traffic. And then I walked into work and went to the back to clock in and I tripped over a broken clothes rack! To make things worse, this super hot guy was like subtly checking me out and when he was paying he went to say something and I accidentally spilt water all over my self and his clothes! He didn't seem to mind but I was so embarrassed! Can't wait until I'm off work!

It's currently 4:30 and I'm off work! I only work from 10:30 to 4:30 since I'm still in Highschool. I decided to text Allison.

Me: Hey you wanna hang at the mall?

Alli:can't working overtime tonight ;(

Me: Okay maybe I'll text Sydney.

Alli: okay Byee! Love yaa!

Me: Love ya to!

After I sent the message I decided to text my other best friend Sydney.

Me: Hey wanna hang at the mall?

S: sure! I was heading over there in a bit anyways!

Me: Kk meet me at the food court in 15 minutes!

S: Okayy!

I decided to go into Payless to look at shoes for a bit. I ended up buying some cute boots and some no shoe socks for my flats that I got last week. It's been ten minutes. I headed to the food court and got Sydney and I some Frozen yogurt.

When I sat down Sydney walked into the mall and sprinted towards me and almost know king over a poor old lady on her way. Only Sydney!

"You almost knocked over that poor old lady!" I said to her.

"Oh whoops!" She answered not caring at all.

"I seen this really hot guy today! But I embarrassed myself by spilling water all over myself!" I said raising my voice a little.

"Speaking of hot guys..." Sydney said obviously interested in some boy.

I turned around. Oh god. It was him! It was the guy I spilt water on! Aww man he was still so so cute! He had shortish brown hair and his blue/hazel eyes just sparkled like he was in a magical fairy tail. Okay. Stop it Jaycee. He wouldn't like you. Oh no . Please, dear god no. He's walking over here...


Okay guys! This was my first chapter! I hope you guys like it! Oh and if I can find a song to go with a certain chapter I will post it at the beginning of the chapter! Oh yea! I will sign off as Izzy because it's my name and I don't wanna use my username!

<3 you guys! ~Izzy

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