My Dream: what I thought I wanted

This is the first book of the "my dream" novels. It is based on my dreams and sometimes my friends. Well let's just say I'm trying to remember my dreams. And maybe this is the way to do it.. Book one is about me realizing that the boy I thought I liked was really a jerk and that maybe I had feeling for someone else. I'm gonna tell my dream and you give me your opinion on what you thought it meant.


1. Ok this is all I remember...

Ok so me and my family, I mean like my whole family were at A&W for some reason. And my A&W is in a big city right by my town called Lloyd. The A&W is right by Walmart, staples, and Starbucks. So I'm sitting with my mom at a table and I get a text from my crush. I will not say the real name so we will call him Mark. Mark texted me and said he was outside so I went outside to find him in a truck with my "friend". I will not say her real name so I'll say her name is Ellie. Ellie was in my old class and she used to bully me. She was a total slut too. So she left my old school around the Same time I did. She called me a while ago saying on how excited she was cause she coming to my school.. Yay,,.. I hate her. She got to the school had a bf in a week and is flirting with Mark 24/7. Mark likes her a lot. And it kills me to see them together. And it hurts to see (her bfs fake name) kalep hurt. But back to my dream, they r in the car together and I almost start to cry. But I don't. I get in the back of the truck and sit. But to my surprise a boy in my class was in the back with me. Let's just say his name was Harry. I don't remember what happened a lot after that but one thing I remember is that Harry looked at me and said "kiss me".  I looked at him shocked and said "what.". "I want to know what it's like" he said. I didn't know if he meant he wanted to know what it was like to kiss or what it was like to kiss me. But he moved forward and I did to. Next. Thing you know we r making out! When I was I felt like I wasn't good at it cause I felt like he was starring at me the hole time. But I liked it and I think he did to. I always I guess, kinda had feelings for him. But I have no clue what it means. But I think I have feelings for Harry. But Idk!! Tell me what you guys think.

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