The Hunger Names

The future of Earth is long since here and nothing's really changed. People are poor and people are rich though not in the sense they are today. Today we are rich with money. In the future, money isn't so important any more. Nope. To be rich now, your name has to be good.
You see, everyone's name has to be different and people want the nice, pretty ones, Rosalyn or Eve.
And when you're stuck with KyraStar1 or alicegal02 , you're going to do anything to get yourself a great name.
Even if that means kill...


1. Rosalyn

My name is Rosalyn McCloud and I am near the end of my story.


Hello, welcome to the future. This is what the world has become. This is what you turned it into. Thanks for ruining this generation's life. Now this world is a bloody mess of greed and power. There are the rich, and the not so rich, except it has nothing to do with money. Nobody's interested in money these days. What people really want is names, pretty ones like mine, with no extra words or numbers on the end. Not Rosalyn123princess not Rosalynrules, just Rosalyn. You see, no one now is allowed to have the same name, and the only way to get a new name is by killing. You have to kill the owner of the name you want. Then their name becomes yours. It's a pretty messed-up world. But, nothing we can do about it now, is there? I just hope that this message from the future convinces you to change your ways and save this world.

Hope. About the only good thing left in this place. Or at least that's what I tell myself. 

I'm not sure if even hope is left anymore.

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