I thought wrong ;/

Alexandra meets one direction back stage they give each other their numbers they start talking but zayn and Harry go to far .......


3. let's go /.\

{ I've been busy these past days sorry for not updating but hope you like this chapter because after this chapter the BOOM ! Comes in (; }

I got home put all the shopping bags in my room and came down stairs <3 my family was waiting for me for dinner I sat down and they questioned me like where you go ? Who told you to take the car ? And all those and I answered the mall and that was mom and blah blah and asked if I could be exused and left to my room with my food . The concert was tomorrow and I had everything readyy all I have to do now is straighten my hair . I ate took a shower washed my hair and now flat ironing my blonde long hair ( yes that's me in the book picture ) . Well I thought if I went to sleep the day would go by faster so off I went zzzzzz .THE STORY OF MY LIFE I TAKE HER HOME ! My alarm clock sounded as I pressed snooze stood up went to the bathroom and washed my mouth . { sorry guys for the cliff hanger i promise I'll update tomorrow ;p bye }

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