I thought wrong ;/

Alexandra meets one direction back stage they give each other their numbers they start talking but zayn and Harry go to far .......


1. The tickets ! ;p

Alexandra p.o.v

I woke up to the smell of bacon. I dragged myself off the bed and into the bathroom washed my mouth and walked downstairs . My mom was already drinking coffee " good morning " she didn't reply " good morning " I said a little bit louder " GOOD MORNING ! " she still didn't reply she was to busy being on Facebook -.- I just took my breakfast and went to my room . Don't you just hate that ^.* I turned on my radio to 97.3 and ate my breakfast when all of a sudden they announced that ONE DIRECTION WILL BE COMING TO LONDON ! and the 5 person to call will get the ticket to see them sing and meet back stage ! As soon as I heard that I waited for 30 seconds and called . CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE ONE THE TICKETS TO SEE ONE DIRECTION ! " AHH ! " I screamed and jump out of bed and my breakfast fell and I spit out the bacon I had in my mouth . I gave my address and they will send me the tickets to see them I can't wait ! ;p

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