Make A Wish

When Ivy's little brother makes a wish threw the Make A Wish foundation to meet One Direction before he dies, will it come true? Will Ivy get to meet them too and fall for one of them? Will her dream come true?

(WARNING: There WILL be sex sense in this fan fiction!)


21. Traveling


*Ivy's POV* 

I woke up and turned to see if Niall was beside me, but he wasn't. I sat up, holding myself up with my elbows. The scent of bacon filled the room. I got out of bed and walked out the door and down the stairs. I walking into the kitchen. I saw Niall standing there shirtless. He was making eggs and bacon. I smiled and started to walk towards him, quietly. I finally got to him and put my arms around his torso. And rested my head on his back. 

"Morning love." He said with his raspy morning voice that drove me insane. I didn't say anything, but continued to hug him from behind. "You hungry?" He asked. I just shook my head no against his back. "You sure babe? You haven't been eating a lot lately." He stated. 

"I'm sure, babe. Don't worry." I said letting go of him and taking a few steps back and hopping on the counter so I was sitting on it. Niall put down the tongs that he was using to flip the bacon and turned to look at me. He raked my body with his eyes, while a smirk appeared on his face. I was wearing my pajama short shorts that barley covered my butt and a tank top that fit my body perfectly. He walked towards me and rested his hands on my hips, moving is body in between my legs. 

"You are so beautiful, you know that?" Niall said, just staring into my eyes. 

"Ya, you say that when I'm practically half naked." I joked.

He laughed and said, "Trust me, you are beautiful all the time." I smiled and he gave me a light kiss, his lips just grazing against mine. He was driving me crazy. 

"Tease." I said pouting like a five year old.

"If you want a kiss that bad, take one." He whispered in my ear, puffing his hot breath against my neck. I shivered under the heat. He pulled away and just looked at me. I put my hands on his face and pulled it in for a kiss. He kissed back, but his kiss was desperate yet gentle and genuine. He started to kiss me harder and harder, taking my breath away. He slipped his tongue threw my lips as our mouths moved in perfect sync. I pulled myself towards him and wrapped my legs around his torso, pushing my body against his. I could now feel his growing erection. I gridded my hips on him and he let out a low moan. He removed his lips from mine and moved them to my neck. He left light kisses on my skin as he moved down to my collar bones and down further until he hit the top of my tank top. I pulled his head up to mine and reconnected our lips. After a moment I moved my lips to his ear. 

"I want you so bad right now." I whispered, nibbling on his ear lobe a little. I could tell he was holding back a moan. "Let it out babe." I said kissing his lips lightly. He moaned against my lips. He picked me up. Walking over to the stairs with me wrapped around him, still kissing him. He walked up the stairs and gently placed me on his bed. I unwrapped my legs from around him and he hovered over me. His eyes were a dark blue, like the ocean on a cloudy day. They were full of lust, wanting, and love. Niall moved his hands from my hips, to up under my tank top. In one felled swoop he slipped my top over my head. He kissed my lips, then my jaw, then my neck, then my chest. When he got down to my stomach where a portion of my scars were, he kissed each and everyone lightly. He then slid my shorts off. And not long after that, my thong. He took no time with taking off his sweats and boxers. He reached into his night stand table and pulled out a condom. He opened the package and slid it on.

"You know I love you more than anything right?" He said, looking straight into my eyes. I bit my lip and nodded. He slammed his lips on mine, our tongues moving in sync instantly. I gasped as he entered me. He soon had a rhythm going. He started to pump in and out faster and faster. 

"Niall, I-I'm gonna c-cum" I yelled with my breathing being hitched. 

"Ride it out." He demanded. I did as I was told. We both road out our orgasms. He flopped down on the bed next to me, both of us breathing hard. I turned my head and looked at the clock. It was 7:30. Shit.

"Babe, we gotta start getting ready." I stated. He turned to look at the clock and sadness rolled over his face when he saw the time. 

"I wish we could just stay like this forever." He said.

"I know, I feel the same way." Was all I could get out. 

-an hour later- *Ivy's POV* 

We just finished getting ready, and just in time. We both took showers, got dressed, ate, grabbed out bags , double checked if we had everything, and were now waiting for the boys and Paul to come pick us up. Just as we finished there was a knock on the door. I opened it and saw Harry. 

"Morning Haz!" I greeted him with a smile. 

"Morning love. Are you guys ready?" He asked.

"Yup!" I answered popping the p. Niall grabbed his bags and Harry insisted on grabbing mine. We head out to the van and were off to the airport to fly to Ireland for the second date of the WWA tour. I was beyond excited to go to Ireland because it has always been one of my dreams to go there. 

The car ride was fun, we all joked, sang and just had a good time. We got to the air port and there were people every where. Paparazzi and fans bombarded us with pictures and questions. Niall grabbed my hand and gave it a small squeeze, letting me know that it was going to be ok. We got into the air port and got on our jet. Once we took off I must have fell asleep, because I don't remember anything from the plane ride. 

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