Make A Wish

When Ivy's little brother makes a wish threw the Make A Wish foundation to meet One Direction before he dies, will it come true? Will Ivy get to meet them too and fall for one of them? Will her dream come true?

(WARNING: There WILL be sex sense in this fan fiction!)


16. Christmas

*Niall's POV* 

I opened my eyes and looked down. I saw Ivy sleeping peacefully in my arms. I was just about to look away, but her face went from a almost smile to a frown. As if she was going to cry. I studied her face for another moment before kissing her cheek. 

"It's alright babe. I gotch ya." I whispered in her ear. She smiled again and it stuck. I smiled to my self and looked out the window. I saw huge snowflakes drifting down to the earth. I was admiring the beauty of the snow, when I was interrupted.

"IT'S CHRISTMAS! WAKE UP!" Louie said, busting threw the door and jumping up and down on the bed. I kicked him and he jumped off the bed. "Ouch! Come oooooonn, its present time!" He stated running back out of the room. I laughed and looked back down at Ivy. She had she eyes squeezed shut tight. 

"Why must I be woken up like that!" She joked waking up. I just laughed and kissed her. "What was that for?" She asked.

"Just couldn't help myself." I said smirking. She giggled and got up. She slipped her glasses on and started to walk out of the room. She stopped at the door way and turned around.

"Are you coming?" She asked.

"I don't know… I kinda like the view right here." I said with a smirk looking at her bum. 

"Well the view isn't going to be here in about 5 seconds. So it's up to you." She said with a playful smile. I smiled and got up. I slipped on a hoodie and exited the room with my arm around Ivy. I checked my phone. It was 8 am. We walked down stairs and our mouths dropped open. The house was decorated and there was a beautiful Christmas tree lit up. Ivy ran down the stairs with excitement. 

"Did you guys do this?!?!" She asked.

"No. But theres a note here, its says to Ivy and the boys. We figured we would wait for you to open it." Zayn stated. She walked over to him and took the card. She unfolded the note, skimmed over and read it out loud.

"Dear Ivy, Niall, Liam, Louie, Zayn, Harry, Ellie, Sophia, Eleanor, and Perrie: 
Because of all the craziness I knew that you guys wouldn't have a tree. And you can't have Christmas without one. I figured I would give your house some Christmas spirit. I love you guys and I hope to see you later tonight at my house for dinner. Have a lovely Christmas. 

-Love: Christine xx"

"And this is why I love your mom!" Louie said. We all laughed. 

"We all put our presents under the tree." Harry said with a smile.

"I'm going to go grab mine." Ivy said running up the stairs. I followed and grabbed mine. We ran bak down the stairs and put them under the tree. We all sat on the couches and chairs and around the tree. This is what I lived for. Just sitting around the Christmas tree, spending time wight the people I love. 

​"Who wants to open a present first?" Perrie asked. 

"I will!" Lou shouted. I swear he is a six year old at heart. He grabbed a large box that said Louis on it. I already  knew what it was. He took his seat again and ripped the wrapping paper off of it. His eyes lit up when he saw what was inside. When he completely took the wrapping paper off, we could see what it was. It was a guitar. 

"No way!" He said in surprise, "Niall did you get me this?!?" 

"Yup. I knew you wanted one and Ive been teaching you." I said with a smile.

"Oh my god! Thanks mate!" He said getting up to give me a hug. I hugged him back and was told to grab a present to open. I took a small box out from under the tree. I gave it a little shake, listening to what was inside. I sat back down next to Ivy. I ripped off the wrapping paper and studied the box. I opened one end and looked inside. I dumped what ever that was in the box out. It was a necklace. I flipped it over and saw a little metal paper plane hanging from it. It was beautiful. There was a folded up note also in the box that was now in my hand also. I unfolded it and it read: 
To My Love:
This represents someone who is has started a new exciting chapter in their life. Someone who travels from place to place and loves it. And I know that is you. I love you babe. Do what you love no matter what. 
Fly as high as you dare.
Love, Ivy xx

I looked over at her and embraced her in a hug. "I love you babe." I whispered in her ear.

"I love you too. Merry Christmas." She whispered back before pulling away. I lifted it up to show everyone and read the note. All the girls thought the note was the sweetest thing ever, but Ivy is. I loved the necklace. It was perfect. Everyone unwrapped their presents and all the presents were perfect for who they were given too. Ivy got all the boys the same necklace that I got and wrote notes to them too. She also got me something else that she said she would give me later. I said the same thing when I brought up when she was getting her present from me. By the time every one was done opening presents it was noon. Ivy said that we should all get ready and head to her mom's house. We all went to our rooms and got dressed, took showers, did out hair, and what not. By the time every one was ready it was a little bit before 2. Everyone looked nice. We dressed up a little bit. Ivy was wearing a red high waisted skirt that had black lace over it. It was fitted to her body perfectly. She also wore a black shirt tucked into her skirt. She put on her black vans and her black leather jacket. She looked lovely. All the other girls were wearing dresses and skirts. The boys and I had nice T-shirts and trousers. 

"Is everyone ready?" Ivy asked. We all nodded and we were off. 

-skipping car ride- 

We pulled up to Ivy's parents house and got out of the cars. We walked up to the front door and Ivy didn't bother knock, and just walked in. As we all got into and shut the door, the wonderful smell of home cooked food filled the house. 

"Mom, we're here!" I hollered while putting her coat on the coat rack. She walked forward and turned to her right. We all followed and were lead into a big living room area. It had 2 matching couches and a big lazy boy chair. There was also a 60 inch flat screen TV. I looked at one of the couches and saw Rylie. A huge smile on his face. He got up and ran over to Ivy.

"Hey little man!" She greeted and gave him a hug and kiss on the check. He gave her a smile and went back to the couch. She followed and so did the rest of us. "Girls, this is my little brother Rylie. I'm not sure if the boys told you about how we met and all, but if not, I will tell you guys later. We basically met because of Rylie." Ivy stated. The girls nodded, clearly interested. Ivy turned back to Rylie and then back to the door way that we just came from.

"Hey love." Ivy's mom said, "Hello everyone else." She finished with laugh. 

"Hello." I greeted her. She pulled me into a hug and then let go. She did the same for the rest of the boys and Ivy. When she got to Ellie she gave her a big hug.

"It's amazing to see you again!" Mrs. Finucane said. When Ellie was hung out with us in London, Ivy's mom was sleeping, so she couldn't see her. Then Mrs. Finucane got to the girls.

"Mrs. Finucane, This is Eleanor, Louie's girlfriend. Perrie, Zayn's fiancee. Sophia, Liam's girlfriend." I told her, pointing out each girl. She went up to each girl and said hello, nice to meet you, and a couple other things before giving them a hug and moving on to the next girl. Ivy's dad came in and did the same thing. Said hello to everyone and got introduced to the other girls. The rest of the day was amazing. We all just hung out, ate, and had a laugh. We also heard many "embracing" stories about Ivy. When it was about 9 o'clock we decided that we should head home. We said our goodbyes and got into the cars. We got back to Ivy's house and everyone went to put on sweats. I followed Ivy up into her room. I shut the door behind me and grabbed her waist, pulling her into a hug from behind. I started to kiss her neck lightly. I heard her breath hitch and I smiled against her neck. I moved up to her ear and whispered, "Its present time." I let her go and she turned around. I lead her to her bed and sat down on the edge next to her. I was nervous. I wasn't sure how she was going to take this, but I hope she will accept it. I love her more than anything. And I know she is the ONE. I put my hand in my pocket and felt the little box. I got down on one knee and opened it. Her face had many emotions on it. I could tell she was surprised, happy, nervous, but when I looked in her eyes, I saw it. I saw all the love that we had for each other.

"Just to let you know, I'm not purposing!" I said with a  smile. A look of relief swept across her face. "I love you Ivy. More than anything. More than life itself. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you in my life. I want to give this promise ring. To show how much I love you. To show that it's you and it's only ever going to be YOU. To show that I will be faithful and never hurt you. To show that I will love you forever. So will you accept this ring?" I finished, never looking away from her eyes. There were now tears in them. 

"Of course I will accept this ring." She said with her beautiful smile stretch across her face. I slipped the ring on her left ring finger and connected our lips. Just then the door flew open. 

"YAY!" Every one was in the room now. I told everyone to see if it was a good idea or not. Ivy pulled away and looked at them.

"You guys knew?" She said shocked.

"Of course we did!" Harry said with a smirk. "He had to make sure it was a good idea, so he ran it by all of us. And your mum and dad." Ivy looked at me in shock.

"And they were ok with it?!" She asked.

"Ya! They said that they could tell how much we love each other. And just as long as I don't get you pregnant, yet, and that I wait at least 2 years to purpose." I said with a smile. She looked into my eyes and then connected our lips. Just for a brief moment. 

"I love how you can't get her pregnant juuuust yet." Louie said laughing.

"Well her dad said that I couldn't but then after he said that her mom added yet. Then she said that we would have the cutest babies and how talented they would be." I said laughed at the end. Everyone just laughed. We said goodnight to the others and they exited the room. I pulled off my shirt and crawled into bed next to Ivy. She was studying her ring, a smile was on her face. 

"Do you like it?" I asked. It was small and simply but beautiful, just like Ivy. It had a skinny silver band with a little pod of diamonds on top. The ring was called Lovepod. I got it from Pandora. 

"I love it. It's perfect." She said not looking away from the ring. I smiled and pulled her into me, hugging her tight. She snuggled into me and soon her breathing was slow and steady. She was asleep. Not long after that, so was I.

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