She Is Different

Morgan Crow is scared. She does not want to be Divergent. She is afraid she will because her mother was a Divergent and so was her father. Morgan has a little brother who is very curious of the future. She must take the test and when she does Morgan can't back down.


6. Train To Castle

Hayden gave me some clothes that i could use. She also gave me a toothbrush and toothpaste. The clothes she gave me was a light purple shirt, and a dark black pants. The pants weren't the ones with buttons on the front or the ones that had a zipper part. It was the comfortable pants. They were like sweats, but not as bushy. I wore tennis shoes that also black. When I went back downstairs to the lounge. Hayden was sitting in the white couch waiting for me with her legs crossed and her brown hair in a bun. When she saw me she stood up.

"Ready go?" She asked after a short sigh.

"Yeah." I said hitting my arms to my side.

"Let's go." She said throwing her head to the door.

We both walked out I saw the Dauntless faction with guns standing around the area. Haden and I got on one of the trains. It was the first train that had gotten there.

"Sit here, I am going to sit in the front to go talk to Lena."

"She's here. Why?"

"She is the person who is the leaders of this hidden place were going to."


"Well, bye."

She stood and left. I looked out the window and only saw grass, buildings, lights. Not one person in sight. I closed my eyes and took a nap that lasted for a few minutes it seemed like.

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