She Is Different

Morgan Crow is scared. She does not want to be Divergent. She is afraid she will because her mother was a Divergent and so was her father. Morgan has a little brother who is very curious of the future. She must take the test and when she does Morgan can't back down.


7. The Hidden Place

The sun was going down when we arrived. I wouldn't have woken up unless Hayden hadn't have waken me up. I adjusted my eyes to my surroundings. Lena was beside Hayden.

"We're here." Lena said.

I looked out the window and saw the White Castle that could pass as a brown color. It had a German design covering it on top of the white.

"Come on." Hayden slapping her hand to the side.

I stood up and grabbed my navy blue jacket and put it on. All three of walked and when I turned around the train left. I turned forward and saw a girl with blonde hair a black skirt and a grey shirt that showed her stomach. She also had pigtails and brown eyes.Then a boy with brown hair, and a full grey training suit on and black eyes.The last one also was a girl. She had black hair brown eyes, and a training suit on.

"They blondie is Dollie, the black head is Emily. And I am Jonah." He said still standing by Dollie and Emily.

"This is-"

"Morgan Crow." I interrupted Hayden.

"Morgan, this is the person that handles things when I'm busy, Jonah Smith. Those are his sisters. Well Dollie is. Emily is his adopted sister." Lena said crossing her arms.

I walked to everyone said hi and shook there hand.

"Well, we shall walk in before we are spotted." Lena said trying to hurry our greetings up.

We walked in and it looked very beautiful and big. There were mirrors all around. It was like thousands of me copying my every move. The floor was smooth and shiny. I smelled a old scent. It didn't bother me none.

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