She Is Different

Morgan Crow is scared. She does not want to be Divergent. She is afraid she will because her mother was a Divergent and so was her father. Morgan has a little brother who is very curious of the future. She must take the test and when she does Morgan can't back down.


4. First Night

The wind blew from the balcony; as I stood on it looking down at the Chicago lights.

The Dauntless faction were fighting or practicing you could say. They were protecting our town. Like they should be. Most of the Amity factions were on a train ride somewhere. I heard they were going to go see a Catholic Church that was a few miles East from here.

All of a sudden I hear footsteps of heels clicking in the hallways. I closed the balcony door and turned around. I walked over to the door and opened it sly. It was the woman who did my test. She looked like she had files in her hand. I close the door quick and laid down. The light was already off so she wouldn't suspect something with the light going on and then going off. I put the covers over me and half closed my eyes. She opened the door and laid the file on white dresser in front of my bed.

"Morgan, I know you awake." She said pulling the covers off of me.

Got up, but I was still in the bed. With my back facing the headboard.

"What gave me away?" I asked trying not to sound clueless.

"The fact that the balcony was blowing wind out you room door and stopped. Then the fact that I saw your door open from the corner of my eye."

"Okay, whatever, do you need something? Or are you just checking up on me?"

"No and no. You actually need my help."

"With what?"

"You my friend are a faction adder. But the original name for people like you are called Jenuwae."

"So, what does that have to do with me needing your help?"

"I have found other Jenuwae's who have offered to let you join them."

"How many more?"

"Only 3 three other people. They all are very nice and I think you should consider them."

"Does anyone know about this?"

"No, but it is a hidden place. It is in one of the old castles."

"No, it is already bad enough I can't see my family. Now I am going to a hidden place; where if someone finds us we could possibly get killed."

"Morgan, there they will help you figure out what faction you have added and try to help you get rid of it."

"Why would I need to get rid of it?"

"Along time ago, they said that whoever added another faction would be killed just like the Divergent people. You need to get whatever other faction you have out of your head and focus on reality."

She was shouting. It was like she was demanding me.

"Fine, I'll do it. Does that make you feel better?"

"Yes, I will see you tomorrow morning. Be ready."

She was about to walk about. But I had to ask....

"You never told me your name. What is it?"

She stopped in hers tracks and turned around to me and was silent for a minute.

"My name is..... They call me Hayden."

"Nice name Hayden. Really."

Hayden smile and left my room. She closed the door behind her. I closed my eyes and went to sleep in what seemed like seconds of time.

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