Sora Kim is a new trainee at MM Entertainment, she arrives with a heart full of hope and wonder, but is the Korean music industry all what it seems?


1. Hi There.

I'd always wondered, what is it like to be a celebrity? Of course, who hasn't? I'd  never thought that I would become a celebrity, though. My parents had always wanted me to become a shopkeeper, to take on their business.

But being the girl I was, having bigger aspirations, I attended auditions all the way in the Seoul. I remember the look on the judge's face, a look of despair. My dark hair was tied in a messy bun and I had put on a t-shirt and jeans. Compared to the girls dressed in pretty clothes and had make up applied neatly, I was a car crash. 

I do remember the girl before me, her make-up was elaborate and fine, she wore a dance skirt and a tank top and her bag was from Chanel. Her name was Suyeon. She smiled before approaching the judges and although her beauty was captivating, her dancing was rather stompy, and her singing pitchy. The judges stopped her halfway through the song, and called me up. The girl purposely bumped my shoulder on the way back, causing me to stumble.

"Hello, my name is Kim Sora, I'm 15 years old and from Jeolla-do." I introduced myself like that. The judge gave their nod for me to start, I danced, sang, then thanked them for watching me. The judges had no emotion like for the others.

I could tell from if they were paying attention or not, if they liked you, they would be looking at you the whole time, whispering with the other judges. If not, then their focus would be elsewhere.

The ones after were even better, good-looking, talented and charming. 

About a week later, I got a call for a callback. 

Back at the audition centre, we had to improvise a song, and freestyle a dance. There were about 30 of us left; I had seen hundreds at the first audition. The pretty girl wasn't there that day.

Everyone had an interview with a judge after that. I shuffled on my chair, and introduced myself the same way as I had before. Afterwards, all of us sat in the training room waiting for the results to be announced. Leaning on the wall, I sipped on my water, alone. Everyone else had a friend to talk to, to share food with. It seemed like hours before a judge appeared from the door. She had a tight suit on and hair tied into a plait. She smiled faintly at us, before looking over us then she spoke.

"Thank you for participating, everyone, we would like to keep all of you and have as a trainee, but unfourtunately, we have picked 5 which have stood out to us the most." She then announced 5 names. 3 boys, 2 girls.

One of which was me.


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