Hunger Games Book: 2

Kayde survives the Hunger Games left with a knife in her side and a slight bit of amnesia. The Capitol is after her new friends Katniss and Peeta. The 75th Annual Quarter Quell is approaching and it's way beyond everyone's expectations. Join in on all the action.


2. Pre-Victory Tour

Coming back home has been kind of a blurb. All the towns people are glad I'm ok but none of them thought I would have lived. I've been talking to Rame about the games and I really can't remember anything. He said that I fought against two tributes and during the battle I got hit in the head by one of their weapons which left me in a daze for the rest of the games. But what really irritated me to hear was I killed about three districts. After the lethal hornets attacked I got in a fight with District 9 and District 10's tributes and I killed three out of four of them. One I left with a knife in their leg. I feel guilty and unhonored to have won. No one deserved to die in the hunger games.

It's now the night before the victory tour. I'll be happy to see Katniss and Peeta but I'm sure it's going to be hard to talk to all the districts about the loved ones they lost. The loved ones we killed. Johanna was glad to see me for once. She's going on the victory tour with us. I stay at Rame's house overnight instead of my new "house". I'm planning to let Rame's mom live there with her kids and I. Maybe Percy will change his mind and stay too. The house I'm going to be living in is large and has about eight bedrooms. It's decorated like the Capitol's train that transported us to the games.

I talked to Rame all evening until 2 o'clock. I won't see him for another couple months. As soon as I come back, I leave again. Leaving the people you care about is hard and doing it over and over again is even worst. We say goodnight and go to bed.

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