Fear is the strongest emotion. For Hayden Rayon that's all she ever has felt, since she was little. She never could trust anyone. She was left for dead and now is a shy girl who could, or what a person thought, could never be opened.

She was like a case waiting to be cracked


1. Prologue

~~Hey guys! I decided to write a teen fiction romance! SO, enjoy.

WARNING: contains sexual content and language. If you would not like to see this, then if you could kindly leave. (haha that kind of sounds rude..don't take it that way, please.)


Her screams bounced off the walls, unable to penetrate to alert anyone of what was happening past those doors. Her screaming was cut short when he slammed his mouth roughly to hers. His hands went under her shirt, grazing her skin that covered her rib cage, as she struggled to get his calloused hands off of her. In one swift movement, her shirt was off and he was working on the clip of her bra. She began to scream once again, but his hand closed around her throat. "Don't say a word. Or I swear. I will kill you."

In a matter of seconds, he had ripped her pants down and now was kissing her down her stomach. She squirmed more and began to slap and punch his head. He looked up with his evil, hungry, beady eyes and proceeded to tie her hands to the headboard. His fingers dug into her skin above her hipbones as his hungry lips made a dash for hers, roughly making out with the younger girl. Her hands pressed to his chest, trying to push him off but failing because she is weaker than him but to her horror, he pulls his pants down, leaving him only in his boxers and her undergarments. Her screams became weak and straggled when he yanked down his boxers and her panties. When he began...


Hayden shot up in her sleep, hot tears streaming down her cheeks. She looked around to find herself in the same place, the mental hospital where she had been since she was 15 when her stepfather raped her. She was now 17 and terrified out of her wits. The last time she had gotten out of this forsaken place when she was 16, she had been sexually assaulted-- but not raped-- by a young man in his early twenties. And this was the day she would be getting out.

and she is terrified.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(408 words)

Hey guys! so that had sexually content in it... it was awkward for me to write it but for the stories sake, I had to. I will be working on Chapter 1 later this afternoon. So I hope ya'll like it!



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