Fear is the strongest emotion. For Hayden Rayon that's all she ever has felt, since she was little. She never could trust anyone. She was left for dead and now is a shy girl who could, or what a person thought, could never be opened.

She was like a case waiting to be cracked


4. Chapter 3: Hayden

     I pulled myself out of bed at the sound of the screeching coming from my alarm clock and on my way to the dark bathroom I almost tripped over Tepers, who must've had gotten up to use the littler box. I ignored the young kitten mewing and rubbing against my legs as I curled my wavy hair. I pulled on a grey shirt that was a one shoulder, the other one hanging off my arm that had a picture of a white cat in the middle of it. I slipped on a pair of pink skinnies and pulled on my pair of pink converse. I smiled as I applied minimal amount of makeup. I pulled my navy hoodie that had 'SwS: If You Were a Movie This Would be Your Soundtrack' I smiled at my appearance and bent down, pouring some food in the kitten's bowl, keeping the bathroom light on, I walked down stairs, grabbing the keys off the hook and going through the garage to see a slick black 1969 Chevrolet Impala, and oh boy, it was beautiful.

     I slipped into the front seat and admired everything in it. I ran my hand over the steering wheel as I pushed the key into the ignition, its engine purring to life as the garage door lifted and I backed up, turning the car and shutting the car door. I pushed on the acceleration and the car shot down the road, it turned easy and I loved the feel of it. When I pulled up to the school, all eyes were on me and my brand new car. I stepped out, locking the car as I strode into the school, trying best to ignore the guy's cat calls. When I entered, it was chaos, guys throwing paper airplanes and not to mention the couple to my right making out against the lockers.

     I pushed my way through the hallways until I found my locker, which, thankfully, wasn't to crowded. I opened my locker and pushed my stuff into my locker before taking out my schedule and saw that my English class was room number 205. Just as I'm about to shut my locker door and begin the journey down the hallway, my locker door slams shut right in front of me. And there, leaning up against the lockers with his sunglasses on and his arms crossed over his chest, was the guy from yesterday, Theo. "What do you want?"

"Fulfulling my promise," He said, his voice thick with an exotic accent as he snatched my schedule and scanned over it, smacking his gum in the process. "You have all classes with me, except athletics and your free period is during my Chemistry class," He scoffed.

"Thank you, but no thank you."

"Please, you'll get eaten up. the whole school is buzzing about 'the short hot girl', about they hope she is in their class." He rolled his eyes, "Anyways, English is this way." He said, reaching for my wrist but I flinched away, my back slamming into the lockers. "Woah, there, Calm down."

I pushed the strap of my bag up on my shoulder, shaking my head. "You don't know me. I'm not good with... guys." I pushed my way through the hallway away from Sam , towards English when a soft voice came from beside me.

"Hey, need help?" I turned and saw a rather tall, lanky, boy with deep brown hair as he strode up to me. He pulled my schedule out of my hand. "Got all your classes. Here, I help you today." He said, handing me back my schedule as he began to walk down the hallway. He didn't touch me, which I was glad of. When we arrived in the small room, I could see the different cliques on the different sides of the rooms. The jocks in the back, being rowdy. The 'nerds' occupying the front row and the emos or crackheads in the second row. The only seats that were empty were a seat in the jock section, probably Sam's and a seat were I guessed was the tall boy behind me.

He took his seat and I took mine, which so happened to be right behind Sam. When the bell blared out, a plump, short lady walked in with short blonde-white hair. Before she could introduce herself, the door swung open to Sam, who look pretty flustered for some reason. "Ah, Mr. Retcher. Late again I see?"

"Sorry Mrs. Egley. It won't happen again." He strode over to his seat behind me and slumped into his seat as the jocks clapped his back enthusiastically.

Halfway through the lecture I was growing a great disliking to Mrs. Egley and sadly, English. Sam had begun kicking my chair and occasionally throwing objects at my back. I turned quickly when he nailed me in the head with an eraser. "What do you want?!" I whispered- yelled. He pushed a folded piece of paper towards me and I snatched it from him, slowly unfolding it on my desk, careful so Mrs. English-ruiner wouldn't be suspcious. On the piece of paper it read

' I would like to get to you know you.. like about what you said in the hallway? If you would like, meet me tonight on the cliff? There is a house up there and I was wondering if you would like to come with me.'

I rolled my eyes and scribbled down an answer, somewhere along the lines of 'thats my house, first of all, and plus I think I'm going to try out for the girl's basketball team.' I handed it back to him and he slowly unfolded the paper, reading over it and then writing a response before folding it back and handing it to me. 'Oh, well then. Didn't know that. Anyways, even though I'm one of the "jocks" im actually pretty smart. So if you need any help, just ya know? call me? (716) 456-718'

I shook my head as Mrs. Egley handed out our homework and when she saw me she threw up her hands. "I totally forgot to introduce our new student! Mrs. Hayden Rayon!" She shook her head as she kept walking down the aisles, handing the pieces of paper out to everyone. "Now, we have a few extra minutes so go ahead and start working on your homework."

I pulled my pen out just as the bell belted out and Everyone groaned as we all shoved our homework in our bags.


The most difficult decision in high school is where to sit at lunch. I mean, you gotta sit at the right table if you want to be 'popular.' But Sam said that I wasn't going to have any problem being popular. The first people to ask me to sit with them where the cheerleaders. Apparently I had the body of a cheerleader. Um, No. I'm most definitely NOT sitting with the cheerleaders. I looked around to see the guy who showed me to all my morning classes waved me over. I walked over, sitting next to him. His name was like a girl's and I kind of made him upset when I laughed. His name was Keegan and he was one of those ones who was kind of a jock and kind of a nerd, which made me happy. He was busy introducing me to his friend when a freshman walked up to me ad next thing I know, I'm surrounded by guys.


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