Fear is the strongest emotion. For Hayden Rayon that's all she ever has felt, since she was little. She never could trust anyone. She was left for dead and now is a shy girl who could, or what a person thought, could never be opened.

She was like a case waiting to be cracked


2. Chapter 1: Hayden

I collected my things in the large satchel-looking bag as the she-devil walked in. I would want anyone but her but she was the only female in my sector of the mental hospital. Mental hospitals say they want to keep you from going insane or harming yourself, but honestly, I think this place made me go insane. I want to leave but yet I don't. I'm afraid its going to happen again. She scoffed as I scuffled around the room, collecting what little belonging I owned. "You ready to go, brat?"

"Don't call me brat." I snapped as I pushed past her and through the door. I began to walk down the long corridor of doors with the lady's footsteps trailing behind me. I never did learn her name.

"This way." She said, stepping in front of me, pushing a door to my left and revealing a very bright hallway. I stepped through and saw a black 1998 Mercedes sitting outside. "Well, this is it." she said and turned and left through the door.

I guess I was surprised, I don't know what I expected. Some long emotion speech about how she really cared about me?

I looked out the glass door and squinted. I was about to enter the world again. Why is the world so cruel? I've asked this question so many times. I take a deep shaky breath and push the door open. I slip in the back of the car and see a man in the front seat. I instantly cower into the door.

"Don't worry. I'm just driving I won't go back there or touch you in anyway. I promise." He gives me a friendly smile that seems believable so I stop cowering into the door and look in the rearview mirror and look at myself.

My wavy brown hair framed my face perfectly and my big grey eyes shown out. My lips are thin and pink, not full like some of those pretty girls. But I have never had problems attracting guys. But The Mental Hospital has put a tole on me. My face is pale and it looks like I have gained 10 years on my face.

The man in the front hands me an iPhone. It must be new because its back is red. "This is your new phone. My number is on there, I put it in there in case you need anything." He smiled again, and I noticed he had dimples under the hairy stubble. "My name is Luke, by the way."

And for the first time in what felt like forever, I smiled a genuine smile. "Well, Luke, where are we going exactly?"

"Well, Miss Hayden, Your mother, before she died," he paused and tried to read my expression, but my face was neutral. I hated her. "She bought you a house in the outskirts of Angel Fire, New Mexico. She knew you liked the snow. Also, you will be attending Angel Fire High School, if you'd like to know."

I nodded and zoned out, watching the world zoom past us. We had just gotten to Amarillo, Texas when my stomach began to make an awful whale like sound. Luke released a chuckle, "Want me to stop to get a bite to eat?" I nodded as he pulled off the highway and into a Wendy's. I hadn't been here in ages.

"What would you like to eat, Miss Hayden?"

I thought for a minute "Just 10 chicken nuggets and a large vanilla frosty."

"Wow. Some appetite."

"Surrey.. Been locked up for a year."

He nodded, knowing automatically knowing to leave it alone.

Upon leaving the Wendy's in Amarillo, I decided to take a nap. And Luke so kindly offered a pillow and blanket which had been sitting in the front seat. I knew I would most likely have a nightmare so I warned Luke.


Hayden sat at a table with no one. The lunchroom in which we sat was loud. So loud, in fact, that Hayden had to put her headphones in just to get enough noise out for her to at least tolerate the racket. A beautiful brunette boy sauntered up to her and sat down, looking straight at her. Hayden didn't move a muscle. This was the closest she had gotten to a male in a long while. She was so close to him she could feel his hot breath on her face and she could see the gold band around his pupil. That when everything went wrong. He yanked her up by her hair and no matter how hard she tried to scream all that came out was a straggled, gurgling sound that couldn't have been her. No one in the room noticed the young girl being drug out into the hallway. When she got out of the hallway, a young boy came running up and grabbed her shoulders. "Hayden! Hayden! Wake up!"


"Hayden! Hayden wake up!" I shot up and Luke yanked his hands back which had been previously been on my shoulders. "Nightmare?"

I nodded and sat up, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. When my eyes adjusted to the dim light as the sun set behind the Rockies, I looked in the long expanse of fields to find lanky animals, some with long horns and some without. "Elk." I smile grew on my lips, "I haven't seen these things in so long." Luke gave me a small smile as he shut my door and returned to his previous position in the driver seat. As we drove down the road I watched the now brown blobs as we flew past them.

We drove up a steep incline when I realized what Angel Fire was. It was a large valley in the Rockies. Beautiful. As we drove up the mountain, the road flat lined and we turned on a secluded dirt road. Then I saw it. A beautiful house, designed like a cabin. It had two stories and it was beautiful. Luke pulled up and turned toward me, "Beautiful isn't it? You have a full functional kitchen with food, and a full functional dish washer, washer and dryer. A 40 inch flat screen in the living room and a guess bedroom and bathroom on the bottom story and on the second you have two guest bedrooms another guest bathroom and your bedroom, the master bedroom and the master bathroom. That is your bedroom. It has a bed and blankets and another 40 inch. Your mother was very extravagant with this house." I nodded as I climbed out, my bag against my hip.

"Thanks Luke." I said, turning around.

"Your welcome. and oh! before I drive off, the key is under the mat. And I took the liberty to put in an alarm system to give you peace of mind. The passcode is 1873. And, tomorrow I will probably come by around 9 because we are getting your license and clothes. We are going to go to Tejas to go shopping and get you registered in school."

"License? I don't have a car."

"But you do, There is one in the garage, a 1969 Chevrolet Impala."

"Oh my gosh! Thank you thank you thank you!" I said and he dipped his head to me. I turned on my heel and shut the door and I strode to the door, retrieving the key and unlocking the door and the alarm and locking both before exploring the stately house.

The first thing when I walked in is the kitchen dining area. The black granite counter tops glinted at me as I walked in. Then a curving path, like going up a tower housed the guest bedroom and bathroom. When the hallway widened into the living room I drew in a breath of air. The stone fireplace was beautiful in the right corner and the flat screen TV. The leather furniture focused around the TV but still near the grand fire place was beautiful.

I decided that the door in the back corner was the laundry room as I ascended the stairs. The first thing that was there was the large game room also furnished with leather loveseats and couches circled another flat screen TV with a PS3 and a Xbox with a shelf of movies and video games. To the left of the TV is a sliding door with a balcony that looked over the valley which is only lit with the lights from houses. I walked down a short hallway with a bathroom on the right side and a guest bedroom and at the very end another guest bedroom. The hallway turned and I walked through into what must be my bedroom. The walls are painted black and red. The wall behind the flat screen that is mounted on the wall with yet another shelf of movies under it is decorated in the theme of the city of Rome. The right wall is the theme of London and the left in the theme of Paris. And the wall behind the king sized bed are pictures of my family. Throwing my bag on the bed, I walked over to a picture of my family and my fingers brushed over my two brothers, Hugo and Jace, Hugo being younger and Jace the older. Jace is older than me but Hugo is almost half my age. Jace was the only one who cared what he did to me.

I pulled away and walk into the bathroom to find a huge walk in closet and a walk in shower with a bathtub with jets. And not to mention the mounted flat screen TV. My mother really outdid herself. I turned off the lights and closed the doors before curling up under the duvet and falling to sleep to yet another nightmare.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(1676 words)

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't update faster. I uploaded it but didn't publish it because I was editing. Then, when I finished and I was going to edit, It didn't load some of it so I had to rewrite. So Sorry!


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