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Blair Down was a young and bright girl, just trying to look for some love. She didn't have a very good connection with her father, and her mother passed away when she was 6. She was an only child. With her last year of high school now over, she decided to take a break and fly to Australia. Little did she know she would have the best time of her life. But something cuts it short...


2. Chapter Two

made some slight changes to the first chapter so go check that out :)


An hour after returning home from her mothers grave, Blair was in deep conversation with her aunt, a sophisticated woman in her early 20's. Blair had always looked to her as a sister, more than an aunt.  A light breeze danced through Blair's hair as the window beside her bed sat half open.

"Did you" Her aunt paused, a hint of sadness in her voice, "go see her today?"

"Yeah." Blair's voice croaked.

"B are you alright?" A small yet concerned voice questioned through the phone speaker.

Blair propped herself into a sitting position, her short legs dangling over the side of her unmade bed. She could feel the tears burn in the back of her eyes, a feeling she was all too familiar with.  

"I'm fine Alex, it's just hard to live here when everything reminds me of her." Blair's voice wobbled. She reached over to the small box of tissues which sat on her bedside table, dabbing the now scrupled tissue under each eye. 

"How's your father taking it? Any better than I last saw him?" No and I don't know what to do with him! her inner voice screamed, but she only answered with a simple "sorta."

"What do you mean sorta?" Her aunt questioned. Loud crumpling sounds soon exploded from the speaker, and a series of loud chomping sounds followed shortly after. Chips Blair thought. I am quite hungry. 

Pushing herself off her bed, Blair made her way down to the kitchen and answered her aunt with "well, he's at least coming home at night now so that's a plus." She yanked on the fridge door, scanning the near empty shelves. Rolling her eyes, Blair grabbed the near empty jar of jam and placed it on the island counter, kicking the fridge door shut with her foot. She dropped her phone on the counter, putting it on loud speaker.

"You really don't deserve living somewhere where no one cares about you sweety." Her aunt's soft voice echoed through the room. Was it true? Blair thought. Did her father really not care? Ha, of course he didn't. What was she thinking.

"Still, what can I do?" Blair sighed, grabbing two slices of bread and the peanut butter from the cupboard. "No one would want to take in an eighteen year old girl anyway." She chuckled, laughing at the impossible thought of someone actually taking her in. She smeared the peanut butter and jam across the slices of bread, with the knife she had grabbed from the drawer beside her.

"I will!" Alex had screamed, excitement mixed with comfort filled her voice. More crumpling sounds echoed from the speaker, this time her aunt was packing the chips away. 

Blair dropped her knife in surprise. Was her aunt really offering to take her in?

"Uh- are you sure?" Blair stuttered, lost for words. "I- uh- but you live in Australia?" She managed to choke up. She was utterly surprised. She threw the dirty knife in the sink and put away the peanut butter and jam, before taking a small bite out of her sandwich. She shook her head in shock.

Her aunt's surprisingly cheerful voice spoke the words "Am I sure" she mocked  "Of course I'm sure silly I'll fly you over! You can leave this weekend if you want" before letting out a loud squeal which echoed through the entire kitchen. 

Had her aunty already thought this through?

With the look of shock still wiped on her face, Blair sang "Yay! I get to go to Australia finally and start a new life!" before letting out a little squeal of her own. 


The news of Blair moving to Australia made her forget the sadness she felt at the start of the morning. Her mother surely would be happy for her as well.

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