just another fan

ellie is a normal 18 year old girl who loves one direction she goes goes to one of there concertsand every thing turns upside down.

read more to find out what happens to ellie


10. The service station

Louis POV

Im bored with her without any of the girls to be honset but mainly katelyn she was just like like me lets just say childish she would always be up to trouble where ellie would much rather be in the sofa sleeping with harry watching a film or something and kara well i dont like her she is annoying like we didn't get off to a good start and really since then i didnt really like.I just want them too come back but i guess im gonna have too wait till next week which is gonna be FOREVER

Ellie's POV

i had to do this we were in Birmingham so i pulled into the next service station pulled out the wonderfull i phone out of my jogging bottoms and started texting louis to come with one of the lads preferably liam because if i saw harry i wouldent want to leave again but then it's the same with all the boys but liam is like my bug brother so i asked him to bring liam i told him to come to the service station by the huge RAC building and in the space of a minute i got a text back off him

Lou ❤️

Ummm sure not gonna even ask why but we will leave in like the next 5 minutes


Hehe you will find out when you get here mate love of love and kisses your little sister me

Lou ❤️

Haha okay then little sis see you in like half an hour Liam's just Getting his shoes on se you later

A massive grin came across my face and i just got a death glare of katelyn but i laughed it off

Katelyn's POV

shes up to something i know it she always smiles like that when shes up too something but i dont gave a clue what i gave her the glare and she laughed im wanna kill her right now like really

'Ellie whats wrong what are you doing because i know your up too something' i asked gritting my teeth

'Oh umm...just the car needs a break so we are gonna be here for about an hour because i want some food and a stretch so yeah lets get going for some food' she said plainly so i guess that was just the reason

'Who were you texting 5 minutes ago then that made you have a huge grin on your face' i asked

'Oh just liam saying that they all missed us and that he cant wait till they come and pick us up next week' she replies

Liam's POV

'Louis mate calm down they are fine for god sake they are just messing with you,you know what they are like with their pranks'

'Just drive they wouldn't of got all the way to Birmingham to play a trick on us just hurry and drive' he said worried

God never seen him so stressed we were on the big motorway in Birmingham about 10 minutes away from the RAC building And the services they wanted us too meet them at im excited too see them again even tho its only been an hour not so much kara she is abit annoying but ellie and katelyn yeah im excited

Ellies POV

its been what 25 minutes since i told louis to come and since then i havent had nothing back im sat in costa here waiting for katelyn and kara to come back from the toilet and i look like a loner i swear if that boy dont get a wiggle on im gonna cut out his voice box so he wont be able to sing in that tour of his


Lou ❤️

We are outside where shall we meet you???


OMG FINALLY ummm meet by the water fountain i need to go get someone

Lou ❤️

Okay we are buzzing too see you


Lou is only been like an hour

Lou ❤️

Trust me that hour has felt like FOREVER

I didn't reply to that as i have had to go find katelyn i seen her in the chocolate store thingey TYPICAL


'Why why why im in my second home leave me be' she moaned

'No i dont wanna get lost so your comming with me'i said back to her

'Urrrrggghhhh come on then you baby its only the water fountain though so i dont know how you would get lost but as its you and your speical *cough* needs *cough*' shes huffed

'Trust me you will hopefully love me for this' i laughed

Katelyn's POV

We got just just in eye contact with the fountain and then........

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