just another fan

ellie is a normal 18 year old girl who loves one direction she goes goes to one of there concertsand every thing turns upside down.

read more to find out what happens to ellie


4. That one text message

Harrys POV 

so i sat down with the boys and we talked for ages then blabber mouth louis decided he would tell the lads what i said about that ellie and what did they do they laughed but they did agree hoe good she looked then i told them i had her number and thats when i decided to text he fwell niall came up with the idea so i did and this is what i said 


hiya ellie this is harry umm you probley are asleep but i can't seem to get you out of me head for some strange reason but i was just wondering what you are doing tommrow mabye we could do somthing if you fancy it 

harry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


then i sat and waited 

'the next morning '

Ellie's POV 

 i woke up this morning at 8:00 katelyn are kara were still asleep then i checked my phone i had 1 miss call of my mum 

1 miss call of my dad 

and 3 text messages and like usaual i thought they would be from friends and 2 of them were. then i seen the 3rd message i read it and it was from harry which i thought was qite strange then i remberd i gave him my number i had to read it a couple of times just to make sure this is not a dream. i texted him back


sorry i didnt reply yes i was sleeping. what do  you mean by cant get me out of your head ?????? ummmm not quite sure what we are doing today but im sure we could do something just us or everyone else?? ellie xxxxxxxxxxx

then 5 minutes after i got a text back saying 

i knew you were going to be asleep thats why i sent it. well i was kind of hoping it could be just us two kara and katelyn could stay with louis , niall, liam and zayn pick you up at 10:30???? harry xxxxxxxxxxxxx


so i texed him back and by then it was half eight and katelyn and kara were just getting up then thats when i said about the text messages and they didn't mind going with the other lads while i went out with harry. to be honset it didn't suprise me in the slightest that they were gonna spend the day with the lads its one direction for god sake. so we got ready and it was a bit cold so i put on my big baggy jumper and leggings i didnt know if i looked okay so i asked katelyn and she said i looked fine so i took her word for it. did my hair and stuck my makeup on  which took about 2 hours i duuno why it took so long but by the time is was finished it was 10:00 then i got a text message from harry saying 

gonna come and get you and the girls at 10:15 so i can drop them off and then we won't have to rush to get to where we are going harry xxxxxxxxxxxx

i quickly jumped up and shouted at the girls saying he is gonna be here in 15 minutes and i told them to be ready. 




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