just another fan

ellie is a normal 18 year old girl who loves one direction she goes goes to one of there concertsand every thing turns upside down.

read more to find out what happens to ellie


6. That night

Ellie's POV 

i found it really strange that he asked if we wanted to stay the night. we wern't going out with each other or any thing well as far i know. when we were walking into macdonalds he was holding my hand but thats not anything right??? thtas just harry being friendly

so we went up to where the boys were staying and we waled in and there they all were have some sort of eating comptition so we just left them too it we went and sat down on the sofa in the corner  and chatted for a bit 


Louis POV

harry clearly liked her from the moment he had seen her it was clear we were all in the kitchen and didn't hear them come in and then when we had finished they they were sitting on the sofa. to be honest though she is quite good looking so i don't blame harry. all i wanted to know was what they were talking about but in the end i decided to leave them alone i didn't want to get involved in any thing 

'few hours later '

Ellie's POV 

we had been back a few hours now and it was like 5:00 the girls already knew about us staying here the night and they were perfectly happy but i had to tell harry that i needed to go get some stuff back at our hotel which he seemed happy to do so off we went 

we got to the hotel me katelyn and kara ran i as quick as we could a grabbed our stuff i had my shorts and vest top which i was gonna sleep in, my cloths for tomorrow, my phone charger, my makeup and my hair brush katelyn and kara basically had the same stuff. then we ran back down and harry helped us put our stuff in the back of the car then we set back off to where they boys were staying for the third time today we we arrived i took my stuff up katelyn took hers and kara took hers. when we fianlly got up the stairs harry opend the doors and i dropped all my stuff by the door and went to sit down but then i had to get back up to go order our food from the chippy i was having sweet and sour chicken balls while every one else had sausage and chips and then we had to wait. 

me and the girls decided to have some girley time while we were waiting for the food i let them do my makeup but they put a blind fold on me until it came to putting on the mascara  they took it off then i head niall's irish laugh and opend my eyes to find them taking pictures of me when i found the mirror i look like i had be crying for hours i had mascara down my face, slugs as eye brows and my eyeliner all over my face but i did't care about it because they were enjoying themselfs then the chippy finanlly came i was so hungry by then so we all sat down on the sofa eating and chatting. 

i wa so tired after eating it was like 9:00 buy the time we had all finished i was the last on to finish but we then were talking for a while more about like how the boys felt when on tour and stuff so at 9:00 i got in the shower and got into my sleeping stuff i was ready for bed now that i had a shower but i stayed up i got on the big long sofa and layed down watching this scary movie i was like omfg this is scary and every one else was like omg how funny. the harry came and layed down with me he was really warm. 

louis POV 

ellie was falling asleep on the sofa and then harry came along and got on the sofa with her. she was probley cold because she only had shorts and a vest top on but until harry came on the sofa she was still awake not very much but awake. it was nice to see them like that really harry was still awake but ellie wasen't but she seemed comfortable and every thing so we left her there and ever y now and again she made these little noises like mumbles then we all decided to go to bed after watching 3 movies so i showed the remaing two girls to there rooms harry was still awake but ellie was sleeping on him so he coulde'nt get up and he didn't want to wake her so i had to go them them a blanket because of the gentleman i am hahaha i went and got them a blanket then went to bed my self.

Harrys POV

 i woke it was like 3:00 in the morning to find ellie sleeping on me i don't think she had moved at all so far. she was still making little funny noises aswell. my throat was really dry and i didn't want to move because ellie was sleeping on me and i didn't want to wake her up so i had to ring louis because i knew he would get me a drink because he is amazing and woulden't let me go without a drink well he probley  woulden't but i was desprate so i rang me but i had to whisper 

'harry its 3:00 in the morning why u ringing me and im only across the other side of the room'

'well im thirsty and i really need a drink louis and i thought i would be kind and  get u up becauuse i know you would get me a drink'

'fine then im comming' 

' thanks louis i would get it myself but i don't want to wake up ellie'

so he came and i had my drink and my throat felt much better aswell but eliie was waking up i duun how because i haden't made a noise but she kept moving around and but she didn't wake up i don't think then she stayed still again

'next morning' 

Harry's POV 

i woke up and ellie was snuggled into me she was quite cold but she seemed to be sleeping well but i put the blanket over her more so she could be warmer. i just layed there no one else was awake i don't think it was very quiet and there is was awake and i coulde'nt get back to sleep then i saw liam he came into the living room with his bed head and i had my morning voice which was quite funny when i tried to speak to people in the morning and liam goes 'haven't you been to bed at all' and i go ' well i have been asleep but i coulden't really move any where because ellie was sleeping on me' then he goes ' ahhh well she looks comfey don't she' and i go ' well she looks it but i dunno if she is but she hasen't moved all night'

'haha lucky for you then harry' 

'haha i like her like loads now but i just dunno what to do'

'ask her out then'


then she woke up but really slowly 

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