just another fan

ellie is a normal 18 year old girl who loves one direction she goes goes to one of there concertsand every thing turns upside down.

read more to find out what happens to ellie


2. Home

Ellie's POV

Katleyn and Kara were still excited when we got  to my house and they still didn't know that the concert was tomorrow and i really didn't know how they were going to react. So i sat them both down and told them there faces lit up and it got them even more excited.

Katelyn's POV  



Ellie's POV 

so when they finally came back down to earth we got back in my car and went to both of there houses to get there stuff. i swear they came out with the whole kitchen sink they had LOADS my poor mini cooper could only just take it but we got home eventually 


we got back home unloaded all there stuff which took FOREVER but we got there. we then decided to have jacket potato cheese and beans and then watch a couple of movies by then it was 10:30 and we had to be up early so we went to bed 

'the next morning '

i was the first one up. kara and katelyn are 2 of the most laziest people i know so me being me i go jump on them i was ready had all my makeup on and i was ready and we only had  2 hours before we had to leave but when the girls realised what day it was they were up like a bullet katelyn managed to get into the bathroom first but she was indisive on what to wear i was wearing my shorts and crop top so katelyn decided to wear her crop top and shorts when she had finally finished she asked me to curl her hair. well kara did all her stuff in the bathroom  i sat there doing katelyn's hair 

' hour later'

we got into the car and we were so excited but i needed to keep calm because i was driving i had my phone charging in the car even though it had full battery just in case it took about 3 hours to get there but i went really quick. when we finally got there we were quite early so there wasen't line to wait to get in so we went in and our faces lit up 

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