just another fan

ellie is a normal 18 year old girl who loves one direction she goes goes to one of there concertsand every thing turns upside down.

read more to find out what happens to ellie


8. going home

*Next morning


Ellie's POV

Im being shook awake at 7:30 in the morning I turned over to see if they would leave me alone but no they would not stop im not even sure who it is at the moment I haven't opend my eyes yet to see who it was back i dont care they wont leave me alone so i guess its gonna have to be my pillow i sacrafise so i pulled it from beneath my head and hit them and all i heard was a little irish dude going 'what the hell' so i guessed it was niall i dont know what his problem is but as soon  as he is awake everyone has to be its so annoying. I turned over to face him and he had a huge grin on his face as per usual 

' so you excited to go home?' he asked 

' yeah i guess but seems as im comming with you lot on tour im gonna miss my family' i replied 

' well you have us aswell now so its gonna be like to familys. i want breakfast you comming?' he asked 

' yeah whatever

come on then'

We got down into the place where you had breakfast a niall had orderd  a full english breakfast typical niall and i had a omelette we have been sitting here for ages and niall started whining like a 5 year old and it was really annoying so i have gone and asked if they can hurry up with theses orders and all i got from was them is sorry miss your gonna have to wait so i went back to the table to see niall messing around with the forks and spoons 


' what am i meant to do about it niall i cant make it come any faster' i said and as i finshed my sentance the food had come 

'sorry for the wait guys we had a mix up in the kitchin' the waitress said with an apoligetic look on her face'

'well at least its here now' niall said with a mouth full of food 

*half an hour later 

me and niall are just walking up from having breakfast im so full niall had a full english breakfast and some other thing i really couldent rember what it was called i really dont know how he can eat all that food 


its 9:00 me, niall liam and zayn are up. Harry katelyn and kara are still sleeping im packing at the moment as today we are going home to tell mum and dad and my sisters and my brother that im going on tour with everyone ohh how much they are gonna love that 

Katelyns POV 

OMG she is never quite what ever she is doing all i wanna do is sleep at this very moment but NOO ellie has to be so freaking loud i lifte my head up off my pillow to see ellie packing hmmmm?? wheres she going I SWEAR IF THIS S HARRYS FAULT IM GONNA RE AGGRANGE HIS FACE

' ellie what are you doing' i asked her 

' oh morning to you too ohh me im packing rember we go home today and then next week we are going on tour with the lads' she replied 

'OMG YEAH SHIT what time are we leaving?' i asked 

'ummm 11 and by the way its like 9:30 now so you better get a move on' she smiled and laughed saying it 

i ran out of bed and jumped into the shower blasting my tunes 

Ellies POV 

i just sat down with my coffee and then .....

'ELLIE YOU KNOW YOU LOVE ME COME AND CURL MY HAIR' katelyn shouted so i got back up with the coffee mug in my hand to go and sort out the bloody queen as she thinks she is UGGHHHH this is gonna be a long day and its barley even started yet 


me katelyn and kara had just finsihed packing the car up i really dont know how we managed to fit in all the things we had into one little mini cooper boot but we did it we said goodbye to all the boys and started to drive but just as i was pulling out harry jumped out right in front of my car i dont think i have ever jumped out of my skin like that again i slammed my foot on the brake and looked to the passanger seat to see a very pale looking katelyn. i unrolled my window to see harry in fits on the floor 


' IT WOULD OF BEEN WORTH IT BECAUSE YOUR FACES WERE SHOCKING' louis said said in between laughing

' well i couldent of just let you leave with out even saying bye to me propeply because you said bye to all the other boys but not me' harry whined'

so i got out the car and gave him a hug to say good and whisperd into is ear 

'well im gonna see you soon anyways well next week so dont miss me too much because im not gonna miss you one bit' i laughed well saying that 

' dream on ellie im not gonna miss you but look you need to get going so byee and call us when you get back bye girls' Harry shouted though the window 

' BYEEEEEEE KATELYN' louis shouted as i got back in the car

' BYYYYEEE LOU GONNA MISS YOU' she got out the car and shouted to him and ran to give him one last hug 

'IM GONNA MISS YOU TOO' i heard him say then katelyn got back in the car and i beeped and waved out the window and then left the hotel for one long ride home 

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