just another fan

ellie is a normal 18 year old girl who loves one direction she goes goes to one of there concertsand every thing turns upside down.

read more to find out what happens to ellie


11. crying,laughing,smiles

Katelyn's POV

We got just in eye sight with the fountain and then ....

I had to wink a few times and squint just to make sure i was right with out looking at ellie just in case it wasn't


I ran to them tears running down my eyes i ran up to them and jumped into louis arms

'O...omg w..what a...are y...you d...doing h...here' i said trembling my words

'You didn't know we were coming ????' Louis asked confused

'That explains why we stopped here and ellies shitty excuse that the car needs a break but i guess it was worth it to see you'i said still having tears running down my eyes

'So ellie said to you the car sorta broke where actually shes texted us to come and meet you here but why ?' Louis asked once again confused

'Yeah ellie explain' i said

Ellies POV

i didnt know wether to say about katelyn in the car or....

'Well basically we were in the car and katelyn had that look on her face when she is thinking about someone special and i sorta had an idea of who it was....' I said and then katelyn butted in

'Yeah okay ellie thats enough i think it would be better if i explained ON MY OWN IN PRIVATE WITH LOUIS THANKS' she said sorta pissed off

Louis POV

Im so confused right now why does she want to speak to me in private god girls confuse me

Katelyn's POV

Louis lets go for a walk

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