just another fan

ellie is a normal 18 year old girl who loves one direction she goes goes to one of there concertsand every thing turns upside down.

read more to find out what happens to ellie


16. arriving home

Katelyn's POV

Finally home Ellie is just pulling into the drive I'm relived to be home it was such a long drive from London to Manchester and even longer coming back Ellie hasn't really spoken and well Kara i dunno what the fuck is going on with her. We are just getting the bags out of the car and Ellie tripped over he own feet and as i did i stood there laughing for like minutes and then asked if she was okay,It funny okay she got back up and hobbled along carrying her bags inside

Ellie's POV

Its so nice to finally be at home even though i miss all the boys but i guess i can wait two days surely it should go dead fast but for now i need to break the news that im going away for 10 months with 5 famous people and my best friends to my mum and dad this is gonna be great fun

Katelyn's POV

Ellie went and dropped kara off home and i went with her we have just got back and my phone started ringing


Louis: Hiya Katelyn look theres been an accident,Don't want Ellie to panic but its involved harry the car rolled and its pretty messed up the fire fighters are still trying to get him out of the c...

Me: W.w..what he can't be this can't be happening

Louis: Look please don't tell Ellie not just yet ill do it ill ring her up straight way after this

Me: fine but make sure you do because she needs to know shes gonna be dying inside when she finds out please be nice about it louis look im going because shes giving me the look of wtf is he say

Louis: okay bye love

Ellie's POV

wtf is she doing she was happy until she got on the phone with him yep louis i think it is but a frown formed on her face after like 2 minutes

'Oii what the natter with you' i asked her

'Its nothing look lets go and unpack and then eat because im hungry' she sighed

'Well you know where the food is im going to sleep because i've driven all this way dont wake me up otherwise you gonna have a slap'i groaned

'Okay okay i wont touch you hopefully for you' she grinned

'Oh shut up im going to sleep' pulling the middle finger up at her as i walked off

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